A Slice of My Life

Thor loves to lounge in my easy chair. I couldn't resist a photo this time, with his "arms" on the chair arm.

It's hard to believe that Thor has been with us for over a year now. 

He was just a cute but miserable little kitten stuck way up in one of our juniper trees during a thunderstorm. Our dogs heard his distress calls and alerted us to his presence (in other words, they wanted to get him!)

Hubby moved his aluminum ladder from the shed and set it up next to the juniper. Dressed in protective clothing (heavy coat and leather gloves), he climbed the ladder, reached out and grabbed the wet baby. 

And Thor just melted up against hubby's body. He definitely wasn't a feral kitten. He knew he was safe now.

Where did he come from, and how did he end up way up high in the juniper? I suppose we'll never know, but he's turned out to be a wonderful house cat and loved pet.


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