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Years ago, while he was here working to level the future site of our goat barn (which you can read about here, and then find out what happened to the barn a couple of years later here), the bulldozer operator we'd hired dug a large boulder out of our "driveway" that goes down the hill, and set it on the brow of the hillside.

He called it my "thinking rock" and told me that he put it there so I could sit on it and watch my horses in the pasture below.

Wasn't that a sweet thing to do?

Although I've always been a little afraid that the rock might be a snake hang-out. That makes me shudder, although I've never actually seen a snake sunning on top of it. Because, you know, there could be a snake under the rock too...

I only sit on it in the spring before it's warm enough for snakes to be a concern. The rock is a nice height and relatively flat, and it's usually clean because the spring rains wash it off. It's actually pretty comfortable, and it's a nice place to enjoy warm spring days, while the breeze comes up the hillside and blows gently in my face.

It does have a nice view. (Where are those horses?)

It's under an oak tree so it's shady.

In the spring songbirds use this tree as a "song perch" where they stand on a certain dead branch and sing their hearts out, declaring their passion for life in general.

Maybe humans should have a song perch too, a place where we can

sing like no one is listening, 
dance like nobody's watching, 
and live like it's heaven on earth.

Don't you think?


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  1. This is beautiful, Kathi!

  2. I would love to have a thinking rock like this. Beautiful view!

    1. It is a pretty view! Thank you, Lisa.


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