A Slice of My Life

You just never know what you'll see when you turn down a country road.

Sometimes a roadrunner crosses the road in front of us, a white-tailed deer jumps over the roadside fence, or a young bobcat disappears into the weeds. We've watched armadillos waddle along the side of the road, we've swerved to avoid turtles and tortoises, and one evening a mama skunk and her three babies hid under a bush.

On this day we stopped to visit for a moment with this gorgeous brindle cow, her best friend, and behind them, out of the photo, a black calf as they grocery shopped along the side of the dirt road. 

Intent on their errands, they politely said hi and went back to assessing the available produce. I wondered if the bank or the beauty shop was the next stop on their list, and I wondered which of the two cows was the calf's mother.

The calf shook his head, swished his tail, and a cloud of flies swarmed up into the air. I'd forgotten the hoards of flies that seem to accompany cows in the summer time, rising like a bedsheet that's snapped in the fresh air after drying on a clothesline.

Enjoy the sunshine and green grass, sweeties! I'm sure someone will be out looking for you soon and you'll be coerced back into the pasture where you belong.


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