A Slice of My Life

Warm days, cooler nights and a favorable dew point mean foggy mornings. Sometimes I can see the horse barn at the bottom of the hill, but on other mornings visibility ends at the edge of the hilltop.

There are stalls in the barn, but the horses use the open part as a loafing shed; they can go in and out as they please. I used to put them in their stalls at feeding time, but now that there are only two horses, and they don't fight over their meals, I feed them in the barnyard at the top of the hill.

I've developed an easy way to call them up the hill for their breakfast: a cowbell.

If they're not waiting for me at the barnyard gate, I dish out their grain and ring the bell. They poke their noses out of the barn to verify the sound, then begin the climb up the hill.

On foggy mornings, I can't see them until they get close. Like an apparition, they mysteriously take shape in the mist.

This morning the visibility wasn't bad in this light fog. Ella appeared first, with Splash moving at a more sedate pace. Sometimes his older bones take longer to get moving in the morning. (So do mine.)


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