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The day the cows came to visit.

On my way home last evening I passed several cows on the road near our north gate. The cows were mostly black, but some had white bellies and that told me right away whose cows they were.

A neighbor a few miles away used to milk Holsteins, but some years ago he "retired" and is now raising beef cattle. He didn't sell off his milking herd though; he "bred the dairy out of 'em" with an Angus bull. His cows are still distinctive, although every generation has fewer white markings.

This morning I heard cows bawling as I fed the horses. Ella left her feed bucket to take a look, and as soon as I fed the chickens I walked down the hill to the pond, hoping they hadn't managed to get into the horses' pasture.

Cow in pond

And there they were, fortunately on the other side of the horses' fence but still on our place. As many as thirty of them. Some standing in the pond. Others calling to their calves. Nibbling the trees and the brush and the grass.

Which isn't a problem right now. But next week I'll have hay in the open-ended shed right there, and I don't want them to eat it.

The day the cows came to visit.

This one was giving me the stink eye. I didn't have much faith in that fence and I wasn't going any closer.

Cows in pond.

They milled around a bit, and I sure hoped they wouldn't decide to go through the pond to the hayfield behind it. They've done it before. It's much harder to get them out of that field than the one they were in.

Then I heard a horse galloping down the hill behind me. I was sure it was Ella; her great-grandfather was a well-known cutting horse and she's always on alert when there are cows nearby.

Splash, our old gelding.

But it was our old boy Splash, running down the hill faster than I've seen him move in a long time; the fact that he was going downhill lent some extra speed and he was trying to keep up with gravity.

His noisy, less-than-graceful approach spooked the cows and they took off the way they'd come faster than I've see cows move in a long time too. 

Good boy, Splash! I don't think they'll be back for awhile. I need to call the neighbor and let him know his cows are out again.


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