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Sunrise with pink clouds

If you've been a reader of Oak Hill Homestead for very long, you'll know that I love sunrises and sunsets. 

(By the way, if you're new, I love sunrises and sunsets!)

On this morning, which would have been my mother's 94th birthday if she were still on this earth, I watched the sky turn from black to blue, then to a lighter blue with dark smudges of clouds. 

As the sun climbed closer to the horizon, the clouds became tinged with pink - which is my favorite part of a sunrise. The clouds have to be in just the right place for this to happen.

And I have to be in the right place too - looking out the front door at just the right time.

Just a few minutes later, the pink changed to molten gold. It amazes me how quickly the sky changes.

Life can change quickly too. I hope you'll hold your loved ones close today. Give them a hug and tell them you love them. 

Sunrise tinged with gold

If they're too far away to hug, call them. And if they call you, please answer the phone. 


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