11 Perfect Gift Ideas for the Homesteading Woman

Can't think of the perfect gift for your simple-living or homesteading relative or friend? Here are 11 great suggestions.

11 Perfect Gift Ideas for a Simple-Living or Homesteading Woman

If you're like me, some folks on your gift-giving list are easy. Ideas flow quickly and the spaces next to their names on your gift list fill up fast, and you know they'll love what you've picked out for them.

Then there are those, whether relatives or friends, that are much harder to decide for. What would they like? What do they need?

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In past years I've suggested mostly-practical gifts for these hard-to-buy-for women (although sometimes the person on your list is a guy, but many of these suggestions are suitable for men too).

This year, I'm leaning more towards special things that she might not splurge on for herself. And sometimes that sort of gift is even harder to think of than something practical. So I've drawn on some of my own favorite gifts from the past as well as some items that are on my wish list... and a couple of practical ideas too because useful stuff is always good!

Let's jump right in, shall we?

Special little luxuries

1. Our oldest daughter introduced me to Willow Tree figurines when she sent an adorable little sculpture for my birthday. Later in the year she gave her husband the sweet dog figure that looks just like his best buddy.

The artist, Susan Lordi, sculpts her original figures from clay; castings are then made from the originals and each piece is hand-painted. Without facial features, the emotion and message of each piece is left up to the giver and the receiver. All I know is that they are beautiful. You can see many of the figures on Amazon or go directly to the Willow Tree website. Is there one that your recipient would absolutely love?

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift for a simple-living or homesteading woman. Here are 11 suggestions.

2. If your recipient loves flowers, a beautiful flower vase could hold a bouquet of wildflowers, a dozen roses or an armful of flowers from her own garden. My picks: a simple white vase for a farmhouse or classic style, a pop of color from this cobalt blue glass vase, or this beautiful green speckled vase from Hearth and Home at Target (pictured above) that held redbud and apple branches on my bookcase in the spring. (NOTE: Sadly, the green speckled vase is no longer available.)

3. An essential oil diffuser is on my husband's wish list this year. He has such sinus problems and the congestion keeps him awake at night. He's sleeping a bit easier now after using a "sinus blend" of essential oils in a roll-on bottle, but wants a diffuser that will waft the benefits of the oils in the air all night long rather than applying the oils at bedtime.

Essential oil blends that support the sinuses often contain eucalyptus, peppermint, spruce, pine and marjoram, with the possible addition of other oils too. We use and like Plant Therapy and Rocky Mountain Oils but there are many other brands out there, so choose the one you know and like the best.

My favorite bedtime essential oil is lavender which promotes calm and this Sleep Tight blend.

Appeal to her creative side

4. I've always wished I could paint, but I am a better photographer than artist. In other words, I'm rather hopeless at art. If you know someone with a similar wish, consider a gift from Winnie's Picks.

This small company produces premium paint-by-number kits for adults. Rather than painting on cardboard with a limited number of paint colors like the kits you'll find in big box stores, Winnie's Picks offers kits that include high-quality canvas, brushes and all the paint pots you need to complete a truly beautiful painting that you or your giftee will be proud to hang on the wall.

Can't think of the perfect gift for your simple-living or homesteading relative or friend? Here are 11 great suggestions.

While Winnie's Picks offers a large selection of kits to choose from, you can also order a custom kit made from your own photograph - and that was right up my alley.

I chose a photograph of my English shepherd Pete as the subject of my painting. A printed canvas, guide, brushes and paints arrived very-well-packed in a sturdy tube. I can't wait to finish this lovely piece of art!

Can you see Pete's nose and the white streak between his eyes 
on the instruction guide above?

Whether you choose to order one of Winnie's Picks' beautiful ready-to-go designs or go the custom route, you'll find all the information you need on their website.

For avid readers 

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift for a simple-living or homesteading woman. Here are 11 suggestions.

5. If your loved one dreams of swapping a crazy, over-processed life for a slower, more natural existence, give a gift of Sweet Maple by Michelle Visser. This book is more than a guide to tapping maple trees (although it does that admirably), and it's more than a cookbook (even though it includes recipes for cooking and baking with maple syrup). It's the quintessential guide to all things maple and the tale of a family's move to New England. I was sorry to reach the last page and say goodbye to Michelle's family and their lovely surroundings.

Michelle recently wrote on my blog about how she and her family ditched refined sugar for all-natural maple syrup, boiled from the sap from the trees on her family's little homestead. She also shared a recipe from her book with my readers that I'm sure you'll love.

Your loved one doesn't live where there are maple trees? That's not a problem. Maples aren't the only trees that can be tapped and their sap turned into delicious sweetness. Sweet Maple contains a list of the more-than-twenty tree varieties that can be tapped - and I think you'll be surprised.

Or, buy some pure maple syrup and cook up a recipe from the book. (We love the Maple Pulled Pork Sandwich recipe!)

Sometimes it's hard to find the perfect gift for a simple-living or homesteading woman. Here are 11 suggestions.

6. Oink: A Book of Fun for Pig Lovers by Renee Hollis is the newest book in the Animal Happiness series from Exisle Publishing, which also covers horses, dogs, cats, chickens and even penguins. This delightful book includes fascinating photography of pigs and quotes from famous and not-so-famous folks who just love pigs, including Jim Henson and Albert Einstein - and Miss Piggy of course.

Pigs are highly intelligent with excellent long-term memories and problem-solving skills. Their personalities are complex and they are as entertaining and smart as dogs. No wonder people enjoy getting to know them.

Any pig lover, farm animal lover, or person who wishes they could live in the country will enjoy a copy of this gorgeous hard-cover book filled with beautiful photos and quotes ranging from amusing and entertaining to timeless and inspirational.

I recently reviewed Cluck: a Book of Happiness for Chicken Lovers, one of the companion books to Oink; you can find my review of Cluck here. Oink is just as entertaining and beautifully printed as the other books in this series.

Focus on the garden

7. This summer I gave myself a present: a solar garden fountain for my birdbath. I love being outside (except in the middle of a very hot summer afternoon), working in my garden and watching the song birds. Moving water attracts birds and hummingbirds, and the soft sound of tinkling water in the background as I work is calming and tranquil.

(I've put my birdbath away for the winter, so I just filled up a bucket so I could show you how well it sprays water.)

This fountain is powered by the sun and adds motion and water spray to any container of water without needing a nearby electrical outlet or extension cord. Place the solar fountain in a container of water such as a birdbath, decorative bowl or a small garden pond and watch as the sunshine powers the spray. There are four nozzles included so you can choose the height and spread of the spray pattern.

Can't think of the perfect gift for your simple-living or homesteading relative or friend? Here are 11 great suggestions.

8. Wind chimes are another garden luxury I've splurged on for myself. Their gentle sound is restful and soothing, turning a breeze into music. From large chimes that make a statement both visually and musically to smaller accent pieces, aluminum alloy chimes make the purest sound, but capiz shells and bamboo chimes make their own kind of music too.

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Being practical: winter work gloves and battery-operated lanterns

9. Winter gloves are a source of extreme frustration to me. I want to keep my hands warm on cold, cold mornings when I'm outside feeding my livestock, but gloves are so bulky that I'm constantly removing them so I can do something.

You've probably seen the type of knit glove with the mitten top that folds over when you need to use your fingers. I like the concept, but if you deal with hay, knit gloves aren't the best choice. Random bits of hay stick to the knit material, weave their way into the fabric and stick my hands. Stickers and burrs are even worse and both are impossible to remove.

So I'm looking for a real glove, not something that's knitted. This pair of waterproof, stretchable work gloves promises more flexibility and dexterity, and they are made of synthetic leather so there's no knitted spots that will attract hay bits and stickers. While I haven't tried them yet, they are at this moment on their way to my mailbox.

10. Battery-operated lanterns are a real boon around the homestead. We don't have electricity in our outbuildings, so a lantern brings light to the dark corners while I'm using both hands to perform whatever task is needed. In the winter when the days are short, a lantern is a priceless assistant whether I'm feeding the chickens or milking goats.

We've used them in the house too: our youngest daughter loved to read in bed. It was hard for her to get down from her loft bed to turn out the light switch and then climb back up the ladder to bed in the dark, so she used a battery-operated camping lantern as her reading light. They're great in playhouses, blanket tents and closets too, not to mention being handy to have around if the electricity goes out.

Looking toward the future

11. Every gift guide I've ever written has included a calendar so I'm adding one here too. Yes, they help you keep track of the days and events of the year, but I like hanging a new calendar on the wall in January just because they're pretty. Here's my pick this year: the Floret 2020 calendar.

Gift Ideas for the Home Canner

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A list of 11 perfect gift ideas for the simple-living woman.

11 perfect gift suggestions for the homesteading or simple living woman.

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