A Slice of My Life

Autumn leaves on the ground.

You might have noticed that there hasn't been a "slice" post in a few weeks. Usually, my "A Slice of My Life" posts are simply a photo with a sentence or two of explanation.

I've decided to make this a monthly post from now on, rather than posting it weekly. Our lives have been pretty chaotic lately and while I've kept up pretty well, some things had to "give" a bit.

We've been helping family members for the past three weeks, driving 3 hours each day. We watch the sun rise in the morning and set as we drive back home. Because of the shorter daylight hours, I've been feeding the animals by flashlight at both ends of the day.

One evening we watched the full moon rise in front of us on our way home, huge and orange as it reflected the brilliant sunset sky behind us.

The pressure is off now and I think all will be ok. We are thankful that we were able to help out.

On the weekends I'm able to feed the livestock a little earlier in the evening, without the aid of a flashlight. The afternoon sun sets Ella's sorrel coat on fire, or in this case, creates a glowing outline.

Autumn's sunshine slants low across the fields.

We've been pummeled with thunderstorms this month with wind and hail. Fortunately we haven't had any damage. In the first several years we lived here, we seemed to lose at least one tree a year to wind or lightning.

The wind has blown most of the leaves off of the trees and suddenly it looks like winter. It's been cold enough to feel like winter too; our first freeze came earlier than usual. I'm going to hope for an early spring.

Fallen oak leaves on the ground.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday if you're in the US. I hope you'll have many new memories to be thankful for.

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