A Slice of My Life: Behind the Scenes in December

Winter has officially arrived.

Instead of dwelling on the prospect of the three months or so of cold weather to come, I'm celebrating that from here on, the days will be getting longer. I really dislike feeding my livestock by flashlight at both ends of the day.

This month brought a gorgeous full moon, known as the "cold moon". This night-time photo is the only one I snapped, but the next morning as we drove to the big city for the Chief's back surgery, we caught sight of the moon, huge and orange in an almost-still-dark sky, setting in the west as the sun came up in the east.

The moon was so large it looked like sunrise and it was almost confusing since it was on the wrong side of the landscape.

And speaking of sunrises, this one was spectacular! I love the way the pastel orange clouds change to hot molten gold and then to cold, flat gray, all right in front of my eyes in just a matter of minutes.

You might have noticed that there hasn't been a "slice" post in a few weeks. I've decided to make this a monthly feature instead of posting it weekly. Our lives have been pretty crazy lately and while I've kept up pretty well, some things have had to "give" a bit. So I've been saving up this month's photos to share all at once.

I decorated our little Christmas tree just a week ago, and then un-decorated it at 3:30 AM the very next morning. I think that was a record.

The dangling ornaments were just too tempting for our one-year-old cat Thor. I swept up the ornaments that broke, put the unbroken ones in a box and stood the tree upright from where it had come to rest on the floor after the attack.

He hasn't bothered the train that goes around the tree, but we haven't turned it on when he could watch. A moving toy train? That might, once again, be too tempting.

The next morning I picked the tree up off the floor again and moved it to the spare bedroom. There it will sit until our grandson comes to visit on Christmas Day, and a few short hours later it will go back in the bedroom. When I want to enjoy the tree, I'll go visit it there.

I left the unbreakable butterflies and dragonflies clipped on the branches after Thor's attack. at the moment they are the tree's only ornaments. There is a butterfly representing each of our granddaughters and a dragonfly for each of our grandsons.

This year I was hoping that Thor was old enough to behave himself, but he may not ever be mature enough to withstand that temptation.

But it's all right, I know that it's still Christmas. I know the Real Reason for the holiday.

And I do have my interpretation of a classic Christmas scene; surprisingly the cats are totally uninterested in the juniper branch in the truck bed.

If you have an item in your home that's similar to something iconic, why not use it and say it's "inspired by..."?

We're enjoying this box of sunshine from California. Yum! And Thor with his nose in the middle of it, because he has to investigate literally everything. And he's probably hoping those mandarin oranges will be eaten up fast so he can take a nap in the box.

We wish you a lovely Christmas from our family to yours. Remember that it isn't the food or the gifts or the perfectly-decorated tree that make holidays special; it's the opportunity to spend time with our family and friends and let them know we love them. It's celebrating the birth of our Savior.

(A big thank you to Sondra, Frances and Danielle!)


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  1. Merry Christmas, Kathi!
    When my cat, Lil Bit, knocked our tree over repeatedly, I tied her to it for a couple of hours. I know it sounds cruel, but it worked. She gave the tree a wide berth ever since. That was in 2003.

  2. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year too!I also hope that Chiefy is feeling better and on the mend. Blessings to your Clan! Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Sheri. Yes, he's recovering well, thank you. Merry Christmas to you too!


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