Silver Sunday - a simple, joyful life in October

I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for:

October 25, 2020

- buying more winter hay
- lilac shoots from a friend
- my dog is feeling better
- I didn't have a flat tire, it was the sensor
- tuning up our furnace before the cold weather hits

October 18, 2020

- falling leaves
- bringing order to the garden before winter
- chilly mornings 
- the smell of woodsmoke
- the absence of bugs flying around the porch light now that it's cooler

October 11, 2020

- the power of prayer
- prayer warriors
- working in the garden
- late-blooming roses
- a sense of humor

October 4, 2020

- lovely weather
- outdoor dining
- good friends
- crisp mornings
- saying goodbye to horsefly season

Silver Sunday

Rejoice in the Lord your God,
for He has given you the autumn rains
because He is faithful.
Joel 2:23 NIV


Silver Sundays in September