Silver Sundays - a Simple, Joyful Life in February

I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for:

February 28, 2021

- warmer days
- and warmer nights
- cozy evenings
- a favorite book
- waiting for spring to arrive

February 21, 2021

- the warmth of the sun
- the quietness of snow
- our barn cat's morning greeting
- the smell of hay
- birds at the feeder

February 14, 2021

- Salvation through Jesus Christ
- the Holy Spirit to guide us
- family and friends to support us
- dogs that love us
- the opportunity to slow down and enjoy the quiet moments, snowbound

February 7, 2021

- water trough heaters to keep livestock water above freezing
- warm shelters and deep bedding to keep livestock warm
- extra feed and hay
- hearing from our children this weekend
- watching a video of our youngest granddaughter's first dance recital

Silver Sunday

 But I will sing of your strength,
    in the morning I will sing of your love;
for you are my fortress,
    my refuge in times of trouble.
Psalm 59:16 (NIV)


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