Homestead Gift Guides

A collection of gift guides for (and from) homesteaders

Are you thinking about the holidays already?

While I love giving gifts and the opportunity to bless someone I love with something they can use, sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas. So I've put together some suggestions and ideas that I hope will help you show your family and friends that you appreciate them and are thinking of them.

In the list below you'll find both gift ideas for the homesteading woman and her family plus ideas for gifts from your own homestead.

You can pin each gift guide on Pinterest to refer to later (or to pass on to someone who might need some ideas) or pin this post that lists them all.

These 11 gift suggestions might be just perfect for the homestead woman in your life (or for you). From pretty luxuries to tried-and-true gifts, you're sure to find something good in this 5th annual gift guide for the homesteading woman. {PIN it here}

Let's face it, a homesteading woman or simple living woman can be hard to find a gift for. (Or, if you are that homesteading/simple living woman, your family asks what you want and you can't come up with a single thing, right?) 

Maybe you can find the perfect idea in my 4th annual list of ten gift suggestions for a homesteading woman, or you can pass it on to someone who keeps asking you what you want. {You can PIN this post here.}

Gifts for the Homesteading Family - Homestead Gift Guides, suggestions for gifts for the special people in your life

Gift Ideas for the Homesteading Family features ideas for family fun and activities. {PIN this post by clicking here.}

Handmade gifts for the special people in your life.

I love giving handmade gifts. If you're looking for some ideas for handmade goodies, check out these ideas for Handmade Gifts. Each post includes a tutorial. If you're short on time, some of the bloggers I've featured in this post also have their products for sale.  {PIN this post on Pinterest here.}

The best list of chicken-inspired gift ideas for folks who love chickens.

Do you have a chicken lover in your life? Someone who either has chickens of her or his own, or wants them, or loves farmhouse decor with chickens? Here is the ultimate list of gift ideas for those who love chickens.  {You can PIN this post here.}

Gift guide: special gifts from your garden for the special people in your life.

Giving something from your garden to another gardening friend is a true gift from the heart, don't you think? If you'd like some suggestions of gifts from the garden or gifts for the garden, you might enjoy Homemade Gifts from Your Garden.  {Click here to PIN this post to Pinterest.}

Gifts from your homestead

Gift Ideas from the Homestead includes ideas for gifts you can pull together at the last minute from items you might have one hand. A delicious loaf of pumpkin bread or a jar of your favorite jam, perhaps?  {Click here to PIN this post to Pinterest.}

We've always thought that money spent on books is money well-spent. Books can inspire a child's imagination and creativity. Here is a list of inspiring books for children that would make excellent holiday gifts (or for any occasion), books that will encourage a child's resourcefulness, self-reliance, and knowledge. {PIN this post here.}

10 gift ideas for the homestead woman, even if that woman is YOU.

What do you give to a woman who lives a simple life? The trick is to find something practical and perfect. Here are 10 Gift Ideas for the Homestead Woman, items I use myself and love, or that are on my own wish list. {Click here to PIN this post.}

10 MORE gifts for the homestead woman (gift guide #2)

And 10 MORE Gifts for the Homesteading Woman, more things I use and love! {PIN it here.}

The 3rd annual gift guide for the homestead woman

Or the 3rd Annual Gift Guide for the Homestead Woman with even more ideas and suggestions. {You can PIN this post to Pinterest by clicking here.}

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A homesteading woman is probably a gardener, a homemaker and food preserver, and she might have chickens or goats or even a milk cow. And of course she'll have hobbies and passions and wishes too. 

The best gift is always one that speaks to the recipient's heart and soul. But if you need some ideas and suggestions, I hope these gift guides might be helpful to you. And if you are the homestead woman in question, feel free to pass this on to your favorite gift-giver!

Gift guides and ideas for homesteaders, and ideas for gifts FROM the homestead too.

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