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Skills 101 - Let's Do Stuff!

A series to help you learn the basics!

Water Bath Canning 101 - coming soon
Pressure Canning 101 - coming soon
How to Can Apples
Canning Tips
Yes, You Can Pressure-Can Dry Beans
Canning Pears
How to Can Carrots
Frugal Canning
Jelly Making
How to Pressure-Can Chicken Broth

Kitchen Tips:
Reclaiming Crystallized Honey
How to Make Yogurt
Putting Eggs By
How to Make Mustard
DIY Cayenne Pepper Powder
Make Turkey Broth
Using a Ham Bone

Scratch Cooking:
How to Make Light and Fluffy Pancakes from Scratch
Convenience Food, a series
How to Make Apple Pie
Macaroni and Cheese
Soup Recipe Roundup
Easy, No-Knead Cottage Bread
Creamy Rice Pudding
Make Your Own Baking Mix

Old-Fashioned Skills:
How to Dry Home-Grown Herbs
How to Render Tallow
Making and Using Vinegar
Pineapple Vinegar
The Skinny on Making Vinegar
Soapmaking, a series

Running Water, Homestead Style


  1. Thanks for sharing all this Kathi! I am looking forward to learning about canning, in particular :-)

  2. Stay tuned, Gwen - canning is on the menu!


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