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March 4, 2013

What to Include in Your Kidding Kit

Spring is nearly here, and kidding season comes along with spring for most goat herds.

Before the first of my goats had her kids, I made up a kidding kit in a lidded bucket to keep in the goat shed. I envisioned a scenario where I wouldn't have time to run to the house to gather supplies. In actuality, usually there is plenty of time, but I still think it's a good way to keep all the items together in one place.

If you're ready to put a kit together, here is what is in mine.
Items to include:

- Towels or old t-shirts to dry kids
- Blow dryer to warm up the kids/dry them off
- Dental floss to tie the cord
- Scissors to cut cord
- Iodine to dip the naval
- Film canisters or pill bottles to put the iodine in (it's easier to dip navals that way)
- Bulb syringe to get gunk out of kids’ mouths
- Latex gloves and J-lube
- Antibacterial soap
- Fingernail clippers (if I have to help, I want to have very short nails)
- Roll of paper towels
- Paper and pen to write down any pertinent details (which kid was first, or doe's temp, or whatever you might want to remember)
- Molasses to mix in a bucket of warm water for the doe to drink afterwards
- Probios for mama and babies
- Bottles and nipples just in case they are needed
- Tube-feeding kit
I also collected a stack of paper feed sacks to provide a clean surface for the kid to land on.
Do you have any other suggestions? Leave a comment below. 
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  1. This is great! I just made a post about my kidding kit. You can see what we put in ours here:

    I would love to learn more about a few of your items in your kit. Ours is bare bones. I had heard of a feeding tube for goats just this season. We actually have a few feeding tubes left over from when our son was on a feeding tube. But I am supposing that putting a tube in a goat may be different than in a child? :-) Does the kit come with instructions, and where did you purchase your kit?

    Also, the probios... is that some type of probiotic? What is it used for? Also, do you deworm your mama goats after a kidding? I would reallly love to be able to strictly use Molly's Herbals dewormer. This past season was a killer for worms. Our neighbor with goats had never dewormed his goats in the 10 years he had them. But he lost one goat to them and had another he almost lost becuase of our very wet season.

    Sorry to ramble on. Always looking for more information on raising goats. We've had goats for five years now, but I still feel like a newbie at times!!!


  2. Kerri, thank you for visiting. I will be visiting your post as well.

    My feeding tube kit came from Hoegger Goat Supply, and it does come with directions. More good directions can be found at, and there are several videos on YouTube as well.

    And yes, Probios is a probiotic in a tube for goats, but you can use any form you like, of course. :-) I too use an herbal wormer. I don't routinely deworm does after kidding.

    I've had dairy goats for 9 years and still have so much to learn!

  3. Great list! The only other thing I keep on hand is a camera. I like to get pics or video of the kids as they're born; it also helps me remember birth order.

    Something else I do in addition to dipping the navels is I dip the feet. It helps them dry off faster, and I think it helps with disease/parasite exposure.

  4. Those are both excellent ideas! I like the idea of birth photos. I've never before heard of dipping their feet; I find that interesting. It surely couldn't hurt. Thanks for posting.


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