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About Oak Hill Homestead

Welcome to Oak Hill Homestead! I'm Kathi, wife, mother and grandma, and a chicken-keeping, horse-loving, goat-milking gal who loves Jesus and struggles with gardening.

We started our homestead from scratch in 2004. We were in our late 40's, so I know it can be done. Are you dreaming of a new life on a rural or suburban homestead? I will encourage you every step of the way in your homestead ventures.

Living at Oak Hill has fulfilled a dream I've carried inside me for so many years while I followed my military-then-pastor husband from one end of the world to another: to put down roots in the country and stay put.

Fruit trees, a new garden in poor soil, and adventures in raising animals - we've accomplished a lot but not without detours, setbacks and roadblocks. I hope I can help you avoid some of these mistakes.

My passion is to encourage you to live a simple, joyful life, no matter your circumstances or where you live!

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A few things about me:

I was a horse-crazy child, and I never really outgrew it. I learned to ride on a donkey! On my eighth birthday I graduated to my grandparents' mare, Fancy.

My father was a professional photographer, so I grew up seeing the world through his eyes. While our tastes in subject matter differed, we both loved taking photos and I always appreciated his suggestions and support. My camera is my almost-constant companion. I use a Nikon D3300 DSLR. Mine came from Best Buy but you can read more information about the camera at (Those are affiliate links. If you make a purchase after clicking on this link or another affiliate link, I'll receive a small commission but it doesn't affect the price you pay in any way.)

I'm a freelance writer and write for several blogs around the web. I've also been published in magazines including Country Almanac, Country Decorating Ideas, Iams' Your Cat, Country Kitchens and Baths, as well as many others. I'm a member of the Oklahoma Women Bloggers and a former member of the Cat Writers' Association where I served on the Council of Directors.


A few things about our animals:

Ella is my beloved Quarter Horse. (Hubby likes to ask jokingly "what happened to the other three-quarters?") Splash is our granddaughter's paint.

I raise Nubian goats, and use their milk to make goat milk soap, cheese, ice cream and more. We also have an assortment of chickens, some Muscovy ducks, and plenty of dogs and cats. You can read all about their adventures in the barnyard.

To reach me by email, click here. I'd love to hear from you!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.