Another Day of Thankfulness

This week I'm sharing another entry from my journal, dated 1/27/11. Not every day on the homestead is like this, but I treasure the ones that are. 

If you open your eyes, I truly believe you can celebrate days like this no matter where you live. It's an outlook, an attitude, being grateful for the small details as well as for the obvious.

Another day of thankfulness

One evening last week, as I walked back to the house after feeding the livestock and the sun slid below the ridge behind me, a pair of Canada geese flew directly overhead, one flying quite a few feet behind the other.

They were flying low, but not so low that it was noteworthy, and yet the world was so quiet and still that I heard the second goose's feathers rustling like satin as they cut through the air, and I could see that two feathers were askew, one on each wing. 

It was an awesome and perfect moment, one of those where you stand and think, "wow, this is so amazing."

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I am thankful that I was in that place at that time, that the weather was so perfectly still, that my own animals were quietly eating their suppers - this is my favorite time of day, when they are all fed and quiet and my chores are finished. 

I am thankful for my ability to hear and appreciate, and for the sense of peace that this moment gave me. 

I am thankful to live in this place on earth. I am thankful for God's creation, and for Jesus' sacrifice on the Cross. 

I am thankful for moments like this.


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