Garden to Table: How to turn fresh garden produce into delicious meals


Garden to Table

Are you a gardener? Do you long to grow delicious and healthy vegetables and fruits in your own backyard garden, and turn them into dinner, side dishes or dessert?

(Or maybe your fresh veggies come from the farmers market or a CSA. That's ok - you're still eating fresh, healthy produce - and you're supporting other gardeners at the same time. No judgement here!)

I just can't stress enough the incredible benefits of using our homegrown, organic produce in recipes for my family. 

When I pluck those ripe, juicy tomatoes straight from the vine or harvest crisp, vibrant lettuce leaves from the garden, I know I'm providing my family with food that is not only incredibly fresh but also bursting with flavor. 

There's an incredible satisfaction that comes from knowing exactly where your food comes from, and being able to control every aspect of its growth. Our homegrown goodies are packed with nutrients, since we nourish our soil naturally without any harmful chemicals. 

So, when I whip up a mouthwatering salad or create a flavorful pasta sauce with our homegrown ingredients, I can truly taste the love and care that went into every bite. 

Come and join me in the garden and in the kitchen. I'll show you how to use your garden-fresh produce to make the most delicious (and healthy) meals for your family!

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I wasn't always a cook-from-scratch kind of gal. Oh, I wanted to be... but I just didn't know how. I learned little bits here and there on my own, and each small success was a victory. 

Then one of the older ladies in our church took pity on me, encouraged me, and taught me a few tricks of her own. I'm so thankful that she gave me the courage to try new things (she even made her own noodles, and then used all the egg whites that were left over to make angel food cake from scratch! She was so inspiring). 

You can read that story in this post about making macaroni and cheese from scratch. Yes, it's a bit embarrassing - but if I can make that change, so can you!

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