June 13, 2012

Crib Quilt

Our youngest daughter and her husband are expecting their first baby, our first grandson. Of course, such an occasion makes one want to create something special. The last quilt I made was for our granddaughter who is now eight years old. I decided I'd make one for our grandson as well.

I have a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. We just don't get along well. The last time I used it, the bobbin ran out and the machine refused to wind another (we've always been at odds about bobbin-winding). I gave in to frustration and put it away/threw it in time out/set it in a corner.

And so I considered a trip to Hancock Fabrics to buy bobbins and thread, throw myself on the mercy of the ladies who work there, and beg them to wind bobbins for me. Fortunately, I found a more dignified solution: I bought a SideWinder, a portable bobbin winder, on clearance at WalMart. Yay!

Then, I found my tin of sewing and quilting items. I'd had no idea where it was hiding, so this was a Good Thing. I bought new, sharp scissors. I chose a simple patchwork pattern. I bought fabric and cut it into squares.

Then there was no excuse to not get to work on the sewing. I challenged myself to finish the top of the quilt before our granddaughter comes for her summer visit later this month.

When I pulled out the machine to work on this project, I couldn't even find the power cord; after spending a great deal of time looking, I found it on a shelf in another room. I figured out how to use the SideWinder and wound a bobbin. I pinned the pieces together... and I started sewing. Actually, once I sat down and actually started working on it, I finished the patchwork in one afternoon. My back hurt for three days afterwards though; I should have shown more restraint.

I gave sneak peeks of the project on Facebook as I worked on it.

One more afternoon's work to sew on the strips around the edges to frame it and give it additional size, and the top will be finished! (Yes, I still have to add the backing and do the quilting, but that will be my "July project".)


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