October 15, 2012

A Blanket of Love

When you sleep under a quilt,
you sleep under a blanket of love.

I've finally finished the quilt for my new grandson! In July, I finished sewing the quilt top.

I added a blue border around the edges.

My granddaughter, who comes to visit during the summer, helped me with the basting. I gave her free rein because it would be pulled out at the end anyway, and she really enjoyed doing this part.

Then the hand-quilting began. I decided to quilt it on the diagonal, through the center of the squares, and when I finished going one way, I went the other. It took two months of working on it, on and off. In one corner, as always, I stitched in a heart.

I used the directions from Sew Inspired to sew on the binding, although I did my corners slightly differently as I'd been taught. It had been so many years since I took that quilting class that I needed a reminder on how to do things.

The binding, ready to be sewn on, and a view of the quilting on the diagonal:

The directions said to lay out the binding so that the seams from joining the strips together didn't fall at a corner. I did so. Then I stretched the binding gently as I sewed as instructed, and ended up with a seam at not one but two of the corners. (It's just to the right of the clothespin in this photo.)

Our grandson's nursery has a jungle animals theme; I was thrilled to find this print with giraffes and lions.


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