A Difficult Kidding

I found Dream in labor in the early afternoon, and eventually I saw.... um.... ears! Not a nose, not a hoof, but two ears laid together like the numeral "11". Oh, this was not good.

I felt around with a finger and thought that the kid's nose was pointing up towards the doe's spine, with the back of the head pressing against the doe's cervix. I knew that the kid would not come out in this position. I prayed. I remembered a friend who had to have her husband hold a ewe up with her nose to the ground so the lamb would fall back inside a bit and my friend could reposition it. I was pretty sure this is what I was going to have to do too. The kid's head was right up against the pelvic bone and I couldn't find the nose with my finger.

I called another goat-owning friend and she told me the same thing: tip the doe's hindquarters up in the air, push the kid back in, and find the nose. Finding a hoof would be even better, and pull it forward. If necessary, grab the jaw and pull the kid out.

Hubby lifted up the doe's hind end and the kid fell back inside just enough that I could get my hand in and find the nose. It was underneath, not pointing upwards as I'd originally thought, but I felt the nostrils and then slid across an eye. I found the jaw and straightened out the head, and as the doe contracted I guided the nose out. The kid was obviously dead, and Dream rested for a short time before she tried again. I pulled downward on the kid as she pushed, and the kid crashed onto the ground. A big buckling.

As Dream licked off the kid and talked to him (poor thing, I thought, I'm going to hate taking the dead baby away from her), I called my friend back and reported. As we talked, another head presented! I did not expect twins as Dream wasn't very wide this year, and the buckling was big, but in just a few minutes a small live doeling was born. We had a happy ending after all!

I am truly thankful that:
- I was home when Dream kidded
- Hubby was also home so that he could help
- my intervention was successful
- the dead kid was followed by a live doeling
- and for Julie's help and encouragement on the phone

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A difficult kidding - sometimes you have to help |  from Oak Hill Homestead

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on March 15, 2010

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