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The Three Generation Quilt

You might remember that in January '09 my brother and I had to clean out our childhood home after our father passed away. Mom had died several years earlier.

In the bedroom closet I uncovered a flat box of quilt squares. Some were finished, some were partly-sewn, and some squares still needed to be stitched together.

The fabrics were familiar to me, even though I couldn't remember what each one had been originally. They were scraps from clothing my mother had sewn for us when I was young. I recognize the brown and green fabrics in the block below as being from two of my father's sport shirts.

If you'd like to follow the story of this quilt-to-be, I hope you'll hop over to The Three Generation Quilt blog, where my daughter and I post occasional updates on the project. See you there!

This post first appeared on on June 16, 2010

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.