In the Horse Barn

We've finished the first stall in the horse barn, but all the rain we've had this year has brought the work to a standstill again. (Water coming off the roof runs under the wall on one side and makes a mess; we need to raise the level of the floor in the barn.) It's not fun digging post holes in soupy mud, even with the tractor, so we decided to wait until the ground dries out a bit. Now our granddaughter is visiting for the summer, so again we are waiting.

The first stall is a success though, and I'm anxious to finish them all. This one measures 10'x13'. The horses all have assigned stalls at feeding time; the lucky horse that uses this stall really loves it. He walks in willingly, and is very calm while inside.

The temporary stall on the right in the photo is made with fence panels, and will be replaced with wood. The horses are tearing up the panels by rubbing on them, kicking at each other, standing on the bottom rung, and just creating general mayhem. In fact, we have replaced several panels and have a "panel graveyard" for the ones that have been destroyed.

Also in the photo, you can see that the barn wall is above the level of the ground. We need to bring in fill to bring up the level.

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I've added a photo of the first stall in the goat barn here.

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  1. Anonymous10:13 AM

    Nice idea for your stalls - might I made a recommendation? If you put boards from post to post on your back and side walls, that would make it less "inviting" for the climbers. As for the front and partition walls, if you place you boards together - one on top of the other - you will have less chance of an injury due to a hoof getting caught between the boards. If you are concerned about ventilation toward the lower portion of the stalls, try something like a vent panel: or something similar.


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