DIY Herb Field Guide

I've been planning this for awhile, but this year I've finally made my own DIY herb field guide.
It includes the herbs and plants that grow here on Oak Hill as well as others that grow in the "neighborhood". Each entry has a photo of the plant in one or more stages, the location in which it grows, the plant's description and uses, and any cautions. Some plants have enough information to fill more than one page.

Make your own field guide of edibles, medicinal plants and wildflowers.

The descriptions are written in "plain English" so that I don't have to remember that a "peduncle" is a flower stalk, or that "glabrous" means smooth or hairless.

Because I've "written" it myself, it is completely customized to this area and our needs. The pages could be laminated for easy use in the field and pasture, or kept in page protectors and stored in a binder. I'm leaning towards page protectors so I can add notes to the pages as needed.

How to make your own field guide of edible and medicinal plants in your area.

I think this will be a multi-year project that I'll add to as I learn more about herbs and am able to identify more plants in our area. Medicinal and culinary herbs that I add to the garden will also be added to the binder. It would also be a good place to keep instructions for making infusions, tinctures and so on.

I'd love to hear any suggestions you might have for this project. Please leave a comment.

Remember, before using this or any herb, please research it fully. 
You are responsible for your own health. 

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DIY Herb Field Guide


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