Rim Light

I've been trying and trying to capture "on film" what I think is one of the loveliest things in the world: the horses outlined by the late afternoon sun, especially Ella, my sorrel mare. Her warm red coloring and the warm directional lighting are a perfect combination.

After trying for over a week - either it was too cloudy, we weren't home at the right time, the horses thought they were going to get fed so they vacated the hayfield where I wanted them to be, I went out there too late, and one famous episode when my camera battery died - finally one afternoon I hit it right.

They were way out in the corner of the field, a long walk from the gate. I sang as I approached them so they had some warning that I was coming; I didn't want them to spook and run. (Fortunately they aren't music critics, otherwise they still might have spooked and run.)

The sun, low in the sky, outlined the horses with golden light, shining through their long winter hair and creating almost a halo effect. Rim lighting is so beautiful.

Although I haven't yet "nailed" my vision, it was fun and I think the images aren't too bad.

As in everything we do, practice makes perfect. Whether it's canning your homegrown vegetables, riding a horse, making bread, milking a goat, tying knots, building a fire, quilting or knitting or taking photographs, we might start by reading about it, but it's the "doing" that makes it second nature. Experience is our best teacher. Get out there and practice; do it over and over.

I'll keep trying, because Ella's eyelashes and whiskers backlit by the sun are simply phenomenal.

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