A Day to Be Thankful

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I'd share an entry from my journal, dated 3/13/08. I'd had a tough week, but I am always thankful for days like this one:

I'd gone outside to fix a fence in the kid pen. It was a beautiful March day, in the 70's, but windy. I never got as far as the fence though. I was keeping an eye on Wish, who was due to kid and had been showing signs that it would be soon. I did a few little chores nearby so I could check on her often. Eventually, I knew that it was indeed time.

I stayed with her until her daughter was born. Although a first-time mom, Wish did well. Instinct took over and she licked every inch of that baby. Her mama Chloe had been the same way and always had the cleanest babies ever. It's fun watching our "babies" become mothers. She wasn't too sure about letting her little one nurse though, so I held her gently and scratched her neck until they both got the idea.

I left them alone so they could bond, and went into the house to change clothes. I was pretty gunky! While there, our daughter called. Hubby came home. I made dinner and we ate. Our son called. I finally began evening chores quite a bit later than usual.

As a result, I found myself watching the sun set behind the ridge and wishing I had my camera. The clouds were pink and orange and purple. I watched four blue herons fly individually across the sky, back to their nests from various water sources. Three flew north; one went south.

I thanked the Lord for the peaceful evening and for the new doeling. After losing Joy and her unborn kids last week [she developed pregnancy ketosis], I am so thankful for this new life, and for a good day on the homestead. I didn't accomplish much, but that's ok. I needed this.

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  1. Great sorrows and great joys...life on the farm...

  2. That's so true, Michelle.

  3. Very touching. I know it's hard losing animals at any time but what a joy in this new little one.

  4. Anonymous7:11 AM

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  5. Thank you, Ida. Loosing livestock is one of the hardest parts of homesteading, but each new birth is a blessing.

  6. This is just lovely and I appreciate you sharing it at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

  7. Kathi at Oak Hill Homestead6:16 AM

    Thank you for hosting, Terri.


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