Homemade Vinegar

I've been making vinegar for several years now: apple, plum and pear vinegars. Any fruit that I have an excess of is turned into vinegar. My latest batch was pineapple vinegar.

When I bottled the finished pineapple vinegar, I put the layer of mother-of-vinegar into a pint jar with enough vinegar to cover the top of it. The next time I make a new batch, I'll use this mother to get it started. It's the easy way to make vinegar.

I use a vinegar-and-water rinse when I wash my hair, using my homemade vinegar. This week the bottle needed to be refilled, so I took it into the kitchen to add more. That's when I realized there was something inside the bottle.

A new "mother" had begun to grow inside this bottle of vinegar and water. That must be powerful stuff! It's diluted 1:1 -- half vinegar and half tap water -- tap water with chlorine and whatever else they add to the municipal water system. I don't use tap water to make vinegar; the chlorine inhibits the process. And yet this plastic bottle of diluted vinegar had grown a new mother.

I pulled the quart jar that holds my stored vinegar out of the cupboard so I could pour more into the hair-rinse-bottle, but I didn't see any new floating mother in that jar. Then I checked the pint jar where I was storing the mother from the last batch, and found that it too had grown another layer. I've had this happen before, but not an inch-thick layer like this one has.

Underneath the top layer you can see the original mother; the photo below shows the same jar when I strained the finished pineapple vinegar. You can see the original layer in the pint jar, folded over on itself. That top layer in the photo above is new, and it's very thick.

Yes, that is powerful vinegar with a very healthy mother.

Maybe I'm strange. I love making things from scratch -- I mean really from scratch, like making vinegar from fruit, sugar and water. I've become rather attached to that gelatinous layer of mother-of-vinegar, like people are attached to their kombucha "scoby" or their sourdough starter.

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