Simple Gift Ideas from the Homestead

Check out these ideas for simple, quick, easy-to-make handmade gifts will help get you ready for the holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching.

When I was younger, I'd have my gift-giving list written and most of those gifts purchased well before Thanksgiving arrived. Nowadays? Not so much.

How about you? Are you one of those smart people who shops all year round? 

Or more like the present-day me, who scribbles it on her to-do list on December 1st?

If you're starting to feel just a bit anxious or panicky as we get closer to the holidays, take heart. There's still time to whip up a simple handmade, homemade gift for someone special.

Take a look at these easy, quick-to-make ideas.

Gifts from your kitchen:

  • A warm loaf of bread or a loaf of quick bread such as pumpkin bread, banana bread, or gingerbread fresh from your oven.
For an extra-special homemade gift, fill a pretty basket or bowl from the dollar store with a couple of mixes in Mason jars and a pretty kitchen towel, or a fresh loaf of bread and a jar of homemade jelly.

Beauty care items:

  • Homemade beauty products such as sugar scrubs, facial masks, body sprays, and herbal salves. There are scads of recipes for these on Pinterest, or search Google for them.
  • Fast and easy lotion bars, made with just three ingredients.

Handmade soap would be a luxurious and special gift from your homestead. Find even more ideas here.

For your pets:

  • Sew catnip mice for cats or stuffed toys for dogs

Other ideas:

Print a wall art saying for someone's home such as this one in my Etsy shop. Add a pretty, inexpensive frame.

Paint a sign on a re-used board.

And of course, any products from your homestead would be a welcome gift. Honey, a dozen eggs, goat milk soap, cheese, pecans or other fruits and nuts you might grow would all be wonderful gifts for those you love.

Seeds or bulbs from plants you grow will bring a smile to someone's face next spring or summer.

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Gift wrap from the homestead

Beautiful gifts don't need expensive wrapping. 

Use newspaper or plain newsprint to wrap your presents. Paint on the paper, or use rubber stamps.

Wrap gifts in fabric, or sew some simple fabric gift bags. 

Kitchen items and health and beauty products can be wrapped in pretty towels. 

Use ribbon to tie up your pretty packages. Re-used ribbon can be ironed if needed, it will look as pretty as new.

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These simple, quick, easy-to-make handmade gift ideas include some last-minute ideas too.

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