10 More Gifts for the Homestead Woman

What do you give the woman who loves a simple life?

Last year I suggested 10 Gifts for the Homestead Woman. This year I've put together another list of ten useful gifts. Many of these would be helpful for someone focusing on self-sufficiency, simple living and preparedness - and aren't those some of the definitions of homesteading?

Some of the links are affiliate links, but they are products I use myself and love, or that I wish I had.

This post contains affiliate links.
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A Trough De-Icer - she won't have to break ice any more!

Water tank heater

One thing I really appreciate in the winter is a tank de-icer that keeps the horses' water trough from freezing. Breaking ice with a sledge hammer is not my idea of fun. I refill the dogs' and chickens' waterers from this trough as well. 

There are several types of heaters and de-icers for different types of troughs, so be sure to get the right kind. My Rubbermaid water trough requires a caged tank de-icer that won't melt the plastic.

A Grain Mill for the woman who wants to be more self-reliant

A bucket of wheat berries and a grain mill such as the Wonder Junior Deluxe Grain Mill. A grain mill gives you control over the quality of the food your family eats as well as boosting your preparedness and self-sufficiency.

A Mortar and Pestle for the gardener who grows herbs and medicinals

A mortar and pestle is handy to grind herbs and spices. I also use mine to grind my Himalayan pink salt into a finer consistency.

A Food Dehydrator


And for the produce from that year-round garden, a food dehydrator will preserve the garden's bounty. I use the L'Equip and love it. Another excellent brand is the Excalibur.

Dryer Balls, no fabric softener required

Set of 3 Wool Dryer Balls, Natural Colored, 100 percent Wool, undyed, unscented

Woolen dryer balls from Sandra at Clearwater Farm. Woolen dryer balls are a natural alternative to using chemical-laden dryer sheets; we've been using dryer balls for years now.

A special mug for her coffee, tea or hot cocoa

Coffee mug with Scripture and chickens

Although I'm not a coffee drinker, I do love a mug of hot cocoa during the winter. Last year a very dear friend gave me a mug in what she knows is my favorite color (turquoise, in case you're wondering). The woman in your life might enjoy something similar, or a mug with chickens on it such as this one, perhaps? This chicken mug can be personalized with her name. 

Little fun gift ideas

-- Print out her favorite verse of Scripture in a fancy font on pretty paper (or by hand if you enjoy hand-lettering or calligraphy) and frame it.

-- A jar of natural udder balm for her goats or cow. Need a recipe so you can make it yourself? Here's one from the Prairie Homestead.

What's your idea of a perfect homestead gift? I hope you'll leave a comment and share a gift you'd love to receive.

What do you give a homesteading woman? Here are gift ideas.

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This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product after following one of these links I may receive a small commission, but this does not affect the price you pay. Read my full disclosure here.

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