How to Make Easy, 3-Ingredient Solid Lotion Bars (with recipe)

Three solid lotion bars on a white background

These solid lotion bars are easy to make and have just three ingredients. In this post you will learn how to use these hard lotion bars, and how to make them. The recipe is included!

How to make an easy 3-ingredient solid lotion bar

Are you looking for a quick and easy gift idea? How about making some solid lotion bars?

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What are hard lotion bars?

Hard lotion bars are a solid form of moisturizing lotion that you apply directly to dry skin. 

The ingredients are high-quality, with no additives or preservatives. This lotion in a bar works hard to combat dry winter skin and sun-dried summer skin as well. 

The recipe for this lotion in a bar includes beeswax and solid, plant-based oils. The finsihed bars are smooth and firm and hold their shape.

These are so quick and easy to make that it takes more time to gather the ingredients than it does to make them.

How to use a solid lotion bar

To use a lotion bar, hold it in your hands until the warmth of your skin softens the bar slightly. This only takes a minute or so.

Then smooth the bar along your skin. Dry elbows and chapped hands will soon be soft and beautiful again.

The ingredients for solid lotion bars on a postal scale (coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax).

The ingredients in this solid lotion bar recipe

These lotion bars contain just three ingredients:

Coconut oil is an "oil," but at lower temperatures it is a "solid" fat. It melts at about 76°-78°F, depending on how pure the oil is.  At normal room temperature, coconut oil is solid.

Whether it is in a liquid or solid state does not affect the quality of coconut oil.

Cocoa butter is harder than coconut oil. Cocoa butter's melting point is 86° to 89°F, and at room temperature it is very firm. Cocoa butter is used to harden soaps, lip balms and so on, including these hard lotion bars.

Beeswax is the third ingredient. I used beeswax pellets, but you can use unrefined beeswax or any other form you prefer.

The equipment you'll need to make hard lotion bars

To make these solid lotion bars, you'll need the following equipment.

A mold to hold the lotion bars as they harden up. If you're a soap maker you might have some single-size soap molds on hand. I've also used some silicon muffin cups, which worked great.

A scale will help you measure your ingredients accurately. I use the postal scale in the image below, which I've had for several years. This scale is similar.

Weighing a chunk of cocoa butter on a postal scale.

You'll also need a double boiler. This can be as simple as an empty vegetable can with the label removed, set into a saucepan of boiling water.

I pinched a "pouring spout" into my can using needle-nosed pliers.

The "crafter's version" of a double boiler: a clean can inside a saucepan of simmering water.

The saucepan should contain just an inch or so of water. Too much water will make the can float.

Use a craft stick to stir the mixture as it heats. The wax will coat the stick and is hard to clean off, so a disposable item is best!

The recipe

This solid lotion bar recipe calls for equal amounts of the three ingredients. 

To fill all six cavities in this six-cavity mold (each cavity makes one 3-ounce bar), you'll need:

6 oz. Coconut oil
6 oz. Cocoa butter
6 oz. Beeswax
Essential oils if desired

If your mold holds more or less than a total of 18 ounces, you'll need to increase or decrease the amount of the ingredients. 

For instance, this mold makes four basic rectangular bars, each of which holds 3 ounces. You'd need to use 4 ounces each of coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax to fill this mold.

For more information about measuring by parts, see this post.

Hard lotion bar in a silicon mold

The process of making solid lotion bars

Here's how to make these solid lotion bars. You'll be amazed at how quick and easy it is!

Start by melting the beeswax first, using a double boiler. I use the "crafter's version," a clean empty can set in a pan with about an inch of simmering water. Don't use so much water that the can tries to float.

The beeswax will melt pretty fast, so keep an eye on it. Never leave melting wax unattended.

Once the wax is melted, add the cocoa butter and coconut oil. Stir gently with a craft stick or other disposable stirrer. It won't take long for them to melt, so don't turn your back.

When all of the ingredients are liquid, remove the pan from the heat and then remove the can with the ingredients from the pan of water. 

If you plan to include essential oils, add to the mixture before pouring. I didn't want an overwhelmingly strong scent so I used a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to compliment the slight chocolate scent from the cocoa butter. 

Lavender or sweet orange essential oils are also lovely.

Slowly pour the mixture into your molds. The can will be hot, so be careful pouring.

Three hard lotion bars on a white background.

After pouring, set your molds aside and let the lotion bars harden completely. When they are cool and hard, remove them from the molds.

How long it will take for the lotion bars to harden will depend on your room temperature, but it will take about an hour for them to be completely cool and hard enough to pop out of the molds.

How you can make your lotion bars harder

If you want to make your lotion bars a little harder, you can replace some of the coconut oil with more cocoa butter. Keep the total amount of oils the same. 

If you are adding essential oils, use just a couple of drops to avoid diluting the recipe.

How to store hard lotion bars

Store your lotion bars at room temperature.  

While it isn't necessary, I keep one in an empty Altoids tin in my purse to keep it clean.

Wonderful gift idea

These hard lotion bars would make a great gift for friends, coworkers and family. If you use essential oils, you can customize the scent to the recipient for a personalized gift.

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Quick and easy Hard Lotion Bars, just 3 ingredients needed!

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