Winter Storm

As I write this on Friday night we're under a winter storm watch. We've had several inches of cold rain already, with ice, sleet and/or snow to follow. Just in case we lose power later this weekend, I thought I'd get this scheduled ahead of time.

Winter 2011

I spent last week getting ready in case the weather does turn nasty. I moved hay bales up the hill from the lean-to so they'd be convenient for feeding the goats. I moved grain sacks down to the horse trailer near the barn so it would be easy to feed the horses. Rosie's doghouse is freshly lined with hay. I filled up the chickens' big twenty-gallon feeder and introduced them to the black rubber pan I use as their waterer during freezing weather.

Somehow I neglected to put up the boards around the bottom of the ducks' coop, but I'll do that as soon as I finish this post. They have a nice enclosed coop but they like to hang out underneath it, and I'd like to make it less drafty under there.

I've filled the water troughs. The pole I use to break ice on the goats' trough is in place. It's too far to run an extension cord, so I offer them warm water several times a day and break the ice on their trough each time too. The horses have a tank heater in their trough to keep the water from freezing. I dip water out of there for the chickens, dogs and cats, so I like it to be as full as possible when the cold weather hits.

Water is already running out the overflow pipe from our farm pond, which has only happened two other times in the eleven years we've lived here.

We'll be warm and dry inside, with plenty of food and water and other comforts including chocolate. I hope that wherever you are, you too are warm and dry and safe. Be careful out there!

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  1. Sounds like you are well-prepared for your winter storm.

    I sure hope you don't get hit hard. We are seeing all kinds of havoc on the news.
    I'll be praying for you and hubby along with all your critter kids.

  2. Thank you very much, Bobbie! Now we're dealing with a week of very challenging cold weather, and I always worry about the critters when it's this cold.

  3. Impressed with your preparedness! Hope things are ok over there.

  4. Thank you, Stephen. We've weathered the worst of it now.


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