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10 Ways to Enjoy Summer Squash

The heat is on, and squash season is right around the corner.

Ten ways to enjoy summer squash

I've heard stories of people who find bags of zucchini inside their cars, placed there by an anonymous neighbor who is overrun with them. This is the first year I've grown squash, both zucchini and other summer squash, so I don't know if that's really true or not, but I think I'll find out soon!

Summer squash are very low-calorie vegetables, containing 17 calories in a 100 gram serving. They are also an excellent source of protein, vitamins A and C, thiamine, niacin, phosphorus and copper, as well as a good source of fiber, vitamins K and B6, riboflavin, folate, magnesium, potassium and manganese. They nourish your eyesight with high levels of beta carotene and lutein. High in antioxidants, squash also keep free radicals at bay.

Summer squash come in many shapes and sizes, from warty crookneck squash to long zucchini, round or oval shapes, and scalloped varieties.

According to Burpee Seeds, summer squash does everything but plant itself. As long as you give it full sun, warm temperatures, well-drained soil and steady moisture, you'll be rewarded with a bumper crop of squash about seven weeks after planting.

So, what can you do with this abundance of squash? I asked some of my blogging friends for their favorite summer squash and zucchini recipes; here's what they shared. (Photos used with permission.)

Pasta with lemon, zucchini and basil from; photo used with permission

1. Terri from Our Good Life enjoys zucchini in this pasta with lemon, zucchini and basil dish.

Zucchini quiche from Nancy on the Homefront; photo used with permission.

2. Nancy from Nancy on the Homefront, who is one of our weekly Our Simple Homestead
blog hop co-hosts, makes zucchini quiche

Corn zucchini salsa from Nancy on the Homefront; photo used with permission.

3. Nancy cans a corn-zucchini salsa.

Zucchini relish from Nancy on the Homefront; photo used with permission.

4. And she also makes zucchini relish.

Chocolate chip zucchini cake from Nemcsok Farms; photo used with permission.

5. Chocolate chip zucchini cake is something I've heard a lot about, but I've never tasted
it before. It's what Evelyne from Nemcsok Farms does with zucchini.

Newlywed recipe from True Agape; photo used with permission.

6. Cassie at True Agape calls this summer vegetable bake
her newlywed recipe.

Squash au gratin from Restoring the Roost; photo used with permission

7. Megan at Restoring the Roost uses yellow squash
to make squash au gratin. It has to be good, it has cheese in it.

8. Megan also told me that she likes to saute squash and onions together in bacon fat
for a long time over medium heat until it turns a bit brown and mushy, it's so yummy!

Greek veggie zucchini boats from 918 Plate; photo used with permission.

9. Hillary at 918 Plate makes Greek veggie zucchini boats.

Squash casserole from Homesteading with Heart; photo used with permission.

10. Jamie at Homesteading with Heart writes that this squash casserole
tastes like it has cheese in it, but it doesn't. It's an economical and delicious dish.


They all look delicious to me. Which one will you try first? Or do you have a recipe you'd like to add in the comments?

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