Easy Chili Jam

Easy Chili Jam, a sweet and tangy sauce for sandwiches, cream cheese or crackers.

Most of us have something growing in the garden by now, but harvest still seems a long way off. While I'm waiting and pulling weeds and nurturing the plants in my raised beds, I collect recipes of things I want to make when harvest-time is finally here.

Today I'm welcoming Ben from The Online Grill who is sharing the recipe for one of his favorite condiments. There's still time to plant some chili peppers so you can make this delicious sweet and savory jam too.


I’ve been on somewhat of a mission lately making as many types of condiments as possible. From homemade sriracha to soy sauce, I now have a burgeoning collection of mysterious jars in my fridge. This obsession has now extended to jams, which brings me onto this delicious and easy chili jam recipe.

You might not think that sweet and chili go together, but it’s time to give this flavour combination a try. Jam isn’t just for your morning toast anymore - it’s taken on a whole new life of its own - and if you’ve never made jam before, this recipe is the perfect place to start.

This recipe should make about four jars' worth, so you have enough for yourself and plenty to share with friends and family. Although after one taste you probably won’t want to let anyone else get their hands on your new stash.

Easy Chili Jam, a sweet and tangy sauce for sandwiches, cream cheese or crackers.

The trick to good jam is to keep it from being too chunky, but you also don’t want it to be runny. That’s why you should mash your apples to a consistency that resembles jam you’d buy at the supermarket. That way it will stay on whatever you decide to spread it on. If you want jam that’s a bit spicier, leave a few chili seeds in it. Just be careful not to leave too many.

This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegetarian so it’s a great thing to put together for people with dietary restrictions; no matter who you’re feeding or who you’re sharing this splendid jam with, they are sure to be able to indulge. That’s assuming you’ve decided to share it with anyone.

One of the best parts about this sweet chili jam is its bright red colour. It looks great on the plate and paired with bacon sandwiches, on a thick slice of creamy cheese or simply just right off the spoon.

Before getting started, it’s really important to sterilize your jars, which cuts down on the risk of bacteria growing in your jam. It’ll help keep the jam for longer, and also pack in that beautiful fresh taste.

Easy Chili Jam, a sweet and tangy sauce for sandwiches, cream cheese or crackers.

Once you’ve mastered this easy-to-make jam, you can experiment with other flavours. Try various kinds of apples and different types of chilis. If you like things really spicy, try habaneros in place of the red chilies. If you like it bit tangier, substitute green apples. You’re going to love mixing and matching ingredients almost as much as you love eating the jam itself.

You will need:

4 jars
1 ¼ cups small red chilies
3 cooking apples, pierced
5 cups sugar
1 ¾ cups cider vinegar

Let’s make this thing!

Heat up your oven to 275°F/140°C. Take the lid off each jar and place both in the oven to sterilize them.

Easy Chili Jam, a sweet and tangy sauce for sandwiches, cream cheese or crackers.

While the jars and lids are being sterilized, don some kitchen gloves and trim the ends of each chili and deseed them. Put them in the blender and blend for 10-20 seconds.

Heat up a saucepan with a splash of oil over a medium heat, and pop in the pierced cooking apples, blended chilies, cider vinegar and sugar. Stir while cooking and bring to a simmer.

Simmer for 15-20 minutes, stirring every now and then.

Once done, remove the apple cores (as well as any large lumps of apple you can find). Use a ladle and funnel to transfer the jam to your jars (be careful - they’ll be hot!).

(Please note that this chili jam isn't "preserved". 
Please store your jars in the refrigerator unless
you pressure-can or freeze it. ~OHH)

About the author

Ben is a former semi-pro cyclist and big eater. Now he is just a big eater. He writes about food and drink for lazy chefs at The Online Grill.

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This delicious sweet chili jam isn't just for your morning toast. Try it on sandwiches, creamy cheese or crackers.

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