Prepper's Livestock Handbook, a book review (Giveaway ended)

Learn sustainable animal husbandry skills to provide meat, milk and eggs for your family's table. Prepper's Livestock Handbook, written by Leigh Tate and published by Ulysses Press.

When we first moved to Oak Hill, it was with the goal of providing for ourselves as much as possible. As the years have gone by, we've changed our projects a few times but the goal is still the same.

We've downsized our livestock a bit in recent years now that we are empty nesters, but we've raised quite a menagerie: goats, sheep, pigs, chickens and other birds, and a steer - all of which provided food for our table in one form or another - plus rabbits and alpacas, neither of which did well in our extreme heat and humidity. We needed a new set of skills and knowledge with each new species we brought to our homestead in our attempts to be more self-sufficient.

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Whether you are homesteading to provide a healthy lifestyle for your family, with humanely-raised, quality livestock that provides fresh meat and dairy products, or you are a prepper with a long-term plan to have systems in place in case the world collapses around us, Leigh Tate's new book Prepper's Livestock Handbook, Lifesaving Strategies and Sustainable Methods for Keeping Chickens, Rabbits, Goats, Cows and Other Farm Animals should be on your bookshelf. 

Pigs are the homestead's garbage disposal: they'll turn all of your scraps into bacon! They'll also the garden for you.

I have high praise for this book: it's very readable. In other words, Leigh's advice is basic, understandable, conversational and believable. She starts with the pros and cons of each livestock animal, its needs and its products. Housing, diet, basic health and other needs are all covered. 

But this isn't a book that expects you to buy bagged feed from the feed store; instead Leigh has advice on how to provide a natural diet from the homestead for your livestock. She'll even tell you how to best use your pastures and how to cut and store your own hay. (We use the same machinery that Leigh and her husband use on their homestead, so I know it's good advice!)

Cattle require a longer time commitment, but they also provide more meat than other animals.

And when it's time to process those animals, Leigh walks you through that too. My goal is to not waste a thing, to use everything that's usable, and to preserve it so that it won't spoil - it's how I honor that animal's life. Prepper's Livestock Handbook (affiliate link) is written in the same spirit and has the information you need to process home-grown meat.

How do you store meat, milk and eggs if you live off-grid? What minerals does a goat need to be healthy? How do you keep chickens safe from predators? And how do you keep it all manageable? How can you provide a year-round supply of milk and eggs, and what do you do with it all? You'll find the answers to those questions and many more in Leigh's book. 

Goats keep vegetation under control, clear new land, and provide milk and meat.

If you're considering adding livestock to your homestead, you'll find everything you need to know before you bring your animals home. If you already have livestock, you'll appreciate the in-depth information and the advice I haven't found anywhere else. You'll learn sustainable animal husbandry skills and plans that will stand the test of time, even if our current resources are no longer available.

This is a book that I'll refer to often. The Prepper's Livestock Handbook will be a worthwhile addition to your library as well.

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  1. This looks like a great book! We’ve raised quite a variety of birds and animals, but there is still a lot that I could learn, especially providing for them from the homestead. I entered!!

  2. So much to learn. This book would be so helpful as we are just over a year into growing our homestead.

  3. Anonymous9:04 PM

    This book looks amazing!

  4. The looks like a great book and would be a wonderful addition to our library!

  5. WOW! I want this book!! If only some of my 14 acres were level, unrocky, and possible to grow hay. I wish we could provide our own hay for our livestock like you all do, Kathi. But on a side note, your BULL! He's so stinking cute! :-)

    1. Chuck was a dairy shorthorn with a BIG personality!


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