Great Gift Ideas for the Chicken Keeper in Your Life, Updated for 2021

Great gift ideas for your friend, spouse or relative who loves chickens!

Gift Ideas for the Chicken Lover in Your Life

Chickens are often referred to as "gateway livestock." They are often one of the first animals a new homesteader or urban gardener/farmer brings home.

Then most chicken keepers are struck with a phenomenon known as "chicken math" where the poultry keeper doesn't know (or doesn't admit) how many birds are really in their coop. More is better, right?!

The number of backyard chickens has risen incredibly in the US in the past few years. No numbers exist on the current population of chickens kept as pets, but online communities such as Backyard Chickens are booming. Backyard Chickens has grown in membership from about 25,000 people in 2009 to over 400,000 today.

Likewise McMurray Hatchery, one of the largest poultry hatcheries in the US, reported that it sold 1.7 million chicks in 2009 and 3 million in 2016. Feed stores, farm supply chains and even pet stores also sell chicks in the spring and sometimes in the fall as well.

Do you have a chicken lover in your life? Here's a list of great gift ideas to support her "habit."

So chances are - especially since you're here reading this post - you know someone who has and who loves chickens. Maybe that person is you, or maybe it's your spouse, a relative or your best friend. If you're looking for holiday gift ideas for that person, look no further than their love for chickens.

Chicken items abound these days, in an assortment of items for the home, for the chicken lover, or for their birds.

I've gathered together a number of items for your consideration. I hope you'll find the perfect gift idea!

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Home goods

Whether or not your chicken-loving friend actually has poultry in their backyard or homestead, the farmhouse decorating trend is still HOT and chickens are a big part of that. Chicken-themed items for the kitchen are extremely popular, such as this set of chicken measuring spoons.
This "fresh eggs" sign is from a collection of holiday gift suggestions for chicken lovers.

I love the color and the style of this Fresh Eggs sign. I can't decide whether this should hang in my kitchen or my coop.

If you like aqua better than country beige, you might want this sign instead. Check out this page for a wide choice of signs in different colors and styles.

You'll find more chicken decor items including kitchen towels, throw pillows and more in my Amazon storefront. I hope you'll go take a look.

I have a slight obsession with wall calendars. Hubby writes on his (yes, we each have our own!) but mine are purely for decoration and to remind me of our extended family's birthdays and anniversaries.

Calendars are pretty easy to find as we get closer to the end of the year and the dawn of the next, but here's one to get you started, The Artful Chicken 2022 wall calendar, full of brush and ink watercolor paintings.

This deck of stunning chickens portrayed on playing cards would be a fun stocking stuffer. Could playing solitaire be any more fun?

If your chicken lover is a gardener, these garden stakes and wind chimes will perk up the garden, porch or patio.
A collection of chicken-inspired gift ideas for the chicken lover in your life.
I love the art on this coffee mug, and it even comes in a decorated wooden box. If your chicken lover isn't a coffee drinker, remember that hot cocoa and tea will taste delicious in this mug too.

This collection of frameable chicken prints by Melissa Caughey of Tilly's Nest spotlights chicken personalities, their beauty and their charm. Chicken Wisdom Frame-Ups: 50 Inspirational Prints to Put You in a Fresh Frame of Mind contains a pull-out table-top frame so you can swap the beautiful prints at any time. Your favorite chicken lover will love this all-in-one gift.

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Gifts for the chickens

Chicken keepers need equipment for their birds too, so don't overlook a new waterer or other item as a gift idea. Or choose something that the recipient might not splurge on, or a fun treat for her (or his) chickens.

You can find all your Poultry Essentials at

Seven-gallon poultry waterer

A 7-gallon waterer means you don't have to fill it as often. Since my coop is far from our water spigot I have to haul water, so this is a real step-saver for me. I also have a 3-gallon waterer, so I can have ten gallons of water available for my girls.

By the way, I discovered a simple way to keep my chickens' water from freezing during the winter.  Not only is my coop far from the water spigot, it's also too far away from the house to run electricity, so I can't use an electric heat source to keep their water thawed. You'll find my solution and the rest of my winter chicken-keeping tips here.

The lack of electricity also means I don't have lights in my coop. With the short winter days, it's often rather dark in the coop when I shut the girls in for the night. This solar coop light would sure be helpful. (It's on my wishlist!)

While mealworms aren't a necessity, feeding them to your flock during the fall and winter will give your chickens an extra boost of protein to get through molting season, plus they can be fed all year round to promote healthy egg-laying. 

I prefer feeding dried mealworms rather than fresh - just a personal preference, you know - but you can buy them either way. This bag contains five pounds of  dried, 100% non-GMO mealworms. My hens recommend them highly, by the way.

This incubator is easy to clean after the chicks or ducklings hatch.

Perhaps your favorite chicken lover would like to hatch their own chicks (or ducklings) this spring? Hubby gave me this incubator a few years ago and I really like it. Yes, I've had the Styrofoam incubators that hold more eggs, but this digital unit holds the proper temperature perfectly, turns the eggs and is really easy to clean after the chicks have hatched (those Styrofoam ones are nearly impossible to clean).

The only downside to this incubator is that it only holds nine eggs at a time, but since I'm just raising flock replacements it's big enough for my purposes. You can see it in action in this post, Incubator 101, where I successfully hatched notoriously-hard-to-hatch Muscovy duck eggs.

Chickens you can wear

Your favorite chicken lover might appreciate a pair of Sloggers chicken boots when the weather is cold, muddy or snowy. Sloggers are great to wear in the chicken coop, garden or barn and can be hosed off if needed; mine still look great after several years. Choose boots or shoes in barn red or daffodil yellow with cute chicken prints.

This casual t-shirt is adorable. Available in several colors and prints.

Socks are another fun trend - take a look at your favorite teenager and you'll probably find her sporting mismatched socks on purpose. So, how about some chicken socks for your chicken lover? It's a matched pair though, so if you want to wear a mismatched set you can get a second pair here or here.

Just for fun

Metal chickens seem to be a "thing" these days. We've seen them at flea markets, vendor fairs and a local garden center as well as at Tractor Supply Co.

Metal chickens are a popular decor item with chicken lovers.

The orange rooster on the bottom actually hopped into the back seat of our truck and now lives in the yard. Maybe your chicken-loving friend or spouse would like something similar?

White hen figurine

We found this sweetie at another flea market. She has such a calm and gentle look on her face. Of course she came home with me too. Keep your eyes open at second-hand and thrift stores as well as markets, vendor fairs and festivals, and craft shows for something your chicken lover might enjoy.

Chickens you can read

A list of chicken-inspired gift suggestions for the chicken lover in your life, including Lisa Steele's latest book, 101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks.

101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks from Fresh Eggs Daily: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for You and Your Hens is one of Lisa Steele's latest books, filled with - you guessed it - one hundred and one creative ideas for chicken lovers.

Lisa, who is the blogger behind Fresh Eggs Daily®, has gathered her best upcycling, repurposing and inspired hacks in one place, including chicken care, coop necessities and niceties, feed and treats, and more. Your chicken lover is sure to love 101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks. You can read my book review here.

Last but not least, I know your chicken-lover will love a copy of Cluck, a Book of Happiness for Chicken Lovers. Such beautiful photography paired with inspirational and amusing quotes from famous and not-famous folks make this a charming read. You can read my review of Cluck here.

Did you find some great ideas on this list? What more would you add? Share this list with your chicken-loving friends (you could even drop a hint for what you want).

You can find everything you want to know about keeping chickens here, plus a list of chicken FAQs.

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