How To Start Your Tomato Plants From Seed For The Best Tomatoes Ever

How to start tomato plants from seeds

I am a tomato addict. Not just any tomato though, no, I love the fresh-from-the-garden, so-ripe-that-it-bursts-in-your-mouth-with-the-flavor-of-a-summer-day kind of tomatoes.

Several years ago I read a saying that I've adopted: "I never met a tomato I didn't like, until I went to the grocery store." If you're a tomato aficionado like I am, you know exactly what I mean.

It means I don't eat tomatoes in the winter, even though they are available in stores and restaurants, trucked in from some place south of the border and bred to travel well rather than for optimum flavor. They are tasteless, pale and really sad. Well, they make me really sad.

How to grow tomatoes from seeds

Every winter I wait impatiently for spring to arrive and then for summer to bring me the most flavorful, ripe tomatoes. And you know that the freshest tomatoes I can find will be the ones ripening in my own garden. Since you're reading this, I'm betting you'll be growing your own delicious tomatoes too, either in containers or in your garden.

I’ve bought my share of tomato transplants in plastic packs from the big box store, but the choice is rather slim even at the beginning of the season before the rush of home gardeners snatch up the best ones. And because I prefer to grow heirloom varieties, my choice is even more limited. So I began growing my tomato plants from seed so I can try unusual varieties and find those that grow best in my Oklahoma garden.

If you've ever looked in a seed catalog or an online seed company, you've likely been overwhelmed by the huge selection of tomato seeds that are available. How do you know which tomato varieties you should order? Even a seed display at the local feed store will have a number of varieties from which to choose. How do you start tomato seeds, anyway?

Your best garden ever.

Well, you’re in luck. Today I’m writing about that buying and starting tomato seeds at Beanpost Farmstead. Joy is hosting an entire series of gardening posts written by expert garden bloggers and today is my turn. Just click here to go straight to my post on the Beanpost Farmstead blog and find out how to choose tomato seeds, get them started and be on your way to the best tomato plants you’ve ever grown. You'll also be able to get my Tomato Starting Cheat Sheet. I’ll see you there!

Start your tomato plants from seeds this year.

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How to grow tomato plants from seeds.


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