Silver Sundays - a thankful life in 2023

sunset behind a small lake

I am thankful to the Lord, my God, for:

June 4, 2023

- family visiting from out of state
- laughter and love
- a family birthday
- our new roof!
- finding a tomato plant growing in the lawn, that had survived the tornado and grew where it landed

May 14, 2023

- great news from my eye specialist
- a celebratory chocolate milkshake
- volunteer tomato plants and pods on the peas
- the end of our grandchildren's school year
- our granddaughter home from college

May 7, 2023

- a squirrel under our neighbor's bird feeder, the first one I've seen since the tornado
- robins and cardinals
- phone calls from family
- bees on the dandelions and other weedy flowers
- discovering that my hydrangeas and rosebush are growing back after the puppy ate them last year

Earlier this year...

- lunch with my brother and nephew
- attending a beautiful vocal concert
- our power restored!
- figuring out how to deal with our altered reality after the tornado
- much-needed rain, even though it made life more difficult
- our family and pets came through the tornado without incident or injury
- our house was relatively untouched, just a little bit of roof damage
- volunteers, neighbors, family and friends who helped us clean up the debris 
- our son and daughter-in-law who have helped out so much: hot food, labor, and allowing us to use their shower!
- blogger-friends who have picked up the slack for me this week
- the Chief's successful surgery
- help from our kids
- beautiful spring weather
- uneventful driving in the Big City
- alternate routes!
- Resurrection Sunday, commemorating Jesus Christ's resurrection
- our granddaughter's birthday
- that our son can change a tire in record time
- getting the raised beds ready for this year's garden
- bird-chirping weather
- hardening off the seedlings
- just one more week until our average last frost date
- no frost in our 10-day forecast
- quiet mornings of prayer
- mowing the lawn for the first time this year, and adding to the compost pile
- lots of rain, maybe our drought is over?
- an afternoon in the 80's
- a date for the Chief's surgery
- Simon wagging his little Corgi tail
- good neighbors
- dogsitting our grandpuppy for the weekend
- supporting family and friends in prayer
- our warm and cozy home in this cold spell
- mourning doves at the bird feeder
- opportunities
- daffodil blooms
- perennial plants in our yard and garden returning to life
- seedlings growing in the kitchen
- a 79° day
- breakfast out with hubby
- looking after my eye health
- visiting with our kids and grandson
- a game of Scrabble
- rest
- flower buds on the Bradford pear trees around town


- a glimmer of hope for the Chief's medical situation
- finishing up a big project
- seedings in the kitchen
- leaf buds on the lilacs and the apple tree
- ever-increasing daylight as we approach spring
- more rain to chase the drought away
- a warm February
- planting seeds indoors and watching them sprout
- flower stalk on the amaryllis my grandson gave me for Christmas last year
- lunch with a friend
- more family birthdays
- a new opportunity
- a gorgeous Saturday
- cleaning out the little greenhouse
- playing in the garden
- a warm and cozy home during the ice storm 
- not having to go anywhere during the ice storm!
- spending Sunday afternoon with our son, daughter-in-law and grandson
- watching the dogs play in the snow and ice
- a sunny day and all the ice and snow have melted away


- spending a day with our kids and grandson
- family game night
- later sunsets
- no puppy "oops" this week
- opportunities
- a little bit of rain, and more in the forecast
- planting onions and starting sweet potato slips
- birthday cards in the mail
- the opportunity to help a stranger
- homemade chili for dinner
- planning the garden layout and planting dates
- finding new growth at the bottom of the bee balm and yarrow plants
- buds on the lilac bushes that were attacked by bugs last summer
- the onion plants I ordered months ago have arrived!
- familiar hymns
- going out for breakfast, something we rarely do but really enjoy
- beginning a new Bible reading plan
- a sunny winter afternoon
- finding another yarrow plant growing wild in our lawn 
- the blessings of 2022
- health and happiness
- mercy and forgiveness
- our family
- the first anniversary of my retirement

Silver Sundays

You make known to me the path of life; You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.
Psalm 16:11  NIV


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