Never Forgotten

I lost my dairy goat herd tragically in January 2012 when our barn burned down. Time does heal, though I still have dark days reliving that afternoon. 

Read about our barn fire here

You get very close to animals that you milk every day, it's an intimate relationship. 

All but Faith and the bucks were born here, and I knew them from their very first breath. This is a memorial to them all.

Lost in the fire on January 8th, 2012

The does



Wish, the herd queen


Faith came to us as a just-orphaned one-week-old kid. 
Our neighbor had surgery and asked me to foster his bottle babies. 
My daughter persevered and got her started on a bottle, which wasn't an easy feat,
and Faith stayed with us for the rest of her life.

I was sad when I realized I didn't even have good photos of each of the girls. 
This is the only picture I could find of Lavender, taken as a weanling. 
She is in back; the goat in front is Honor, listed below.

The almost-two-year-olds

I also didn't have current photos of Eve or Delilah, 
and since they - along with Treasure - were the nicest goats
 I'd ever produced, that's both surprising and disappointing. 
Their mothers, Hope and Dream, were my very first goats.


The almost-yearlings

Lavender's Rose

Mercy's Charity

Dove's Lark

Wish's Selah

Splendor's Glory

The bucks

Spots (with Journey behind him, the only goat who survived)

Honor, who survived the fire but died of smoke inhalation

Also lost in the fire:
Betsy, our blind cat, and Fairy, her companion cat

~ ~ ~