Want to Make Your Own Goat Milk Soap?

Three bars of luxurious, handmade goat milk soap in a napkin-lined tin.

Do you want to make your own soap? Besides being a fun hobby, your own made-from-scratch soap doesn't contain artificial ingredients and is so good for your skin.

How to make goat milk soap at home

Goat milk soap is SO luxurious! The extra fat in the milk (compared to using water) superfats the soap and makes it extra creamy.

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Here's why goat milk is so good for your skin.

Making your own soap from scratch requires using sodium hydroxide, also known as lye. Lye can be a dangerous ingredient, but as long as you follow the rules, are careful and diligent, and use the proper safety equipment, you'll be fine.

Or you can use melt-and-pour soap, a base product that already has lye added and is safer to use. Just melt the premade soap cubes, add the colorants and scents you desire, and pour into molds - which is why it's called melt-and-pour, of course.

Amazon has melt-and-pour soap base with goat milk in it.

How to make goat milk soap, a six-part series

Soapmaking Equipment - what you need to get started

Soapmaking Safety and How to Weigh Oils for Soapmaking (lye safety)

Cold Process Soapmaking

Hot Process Soapmaking

Cutting and Curing

Advice that doesn't fit anywhere else about Soapmaking plus a Recipe

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A soap-making course

If you'd like even more support and direction about making soap from scratch, my friend Heidi at Healing Harvest Homestead has a soapmaking course I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Heidi uses water rather than goat milk for her soaps, and uses all natural ingredients. No fragrance oils, just essential oils and herbs. She teaches the "hot process" method of soapmaking. And her soaps are absolutely beautiful.

Click here to check out Heidi's Natural Soap Making Course

Two hand-made bars of naturally-colored goat milk soap.

Using and making shampoo bars

Have you ever used a shampoo bar? I love them! 

Besides the obvious facts that they're so easy to take along on a trip and that they have less packaging, shampoo bars also eliminate many of the dangerous chemical compounds found in commercial shampoo.

But you might be wondering how to use them...

How to Use a Shampoo Bar, for beginners

Making Shampoo Bars,  including my recipe

Three handmade  goat milk shampoo bars in a basket. Goat milk soap is so nourishing and good for your skin.

How to make goat milk soap from scratch.

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