Barn Raising 2.0: the Goat Barn

See that flat spot right there? We've always joked that we have about one square foot of level ground here on Oak Hill Homestead. Seriously. 

Our house is on the top of the hill, then our land slopes down the hillside and sprawls out across the hayfield with all of its knolls and dips and hollows. 

We all know that prairie land isn't flat, right?

Well, we recently hired a bulldozer (and its driver, of course) to level enough ground at the top of the hill to build my new goat barn! I am more than excited! 

Although this was always in our plans, it was years off. But a crazy wind storm precipitated the project by blowing the roof off of the homemade carport that we'd converted into our goat barn. 

The wind tore the metal roof off and hung it up in a tree. 

And viola, the goat barn project moved to the top of the to-have-done list.

We're getting a goat barn!!

We'd hired this same construction company to build our horse barn a few years ago. The two barns are the same size, but the big overhead doors are in different locations. 

This new barn will house not only my dairy goats, but will also store all those miscellaneous items and pieces of equipment that need a place to call home. The front right corner next to the overhead door will be hubby's workshop.

The first image at the top of this post shows the building site after the dozer work was finished.

As you can see, we have to bring up the level of the ground to the bottom of the building in that back corner. I'm laughing that we still don't have a level spot even after hiring a dozer operator.

We still have lots of work to do inside, but the shell of the goat barn is finished!

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on April 7, 2010