What used to look like this:

See the barn raising here

now looks like this:

On Saturday some of my 4H girls, their families, and friends from my trail riding group came to help clean up. We moved bent metal, picked up burned and melted junk, and pulled up the brick floor in the workshop corner. The youngest helper was 8 years old, but she worked hard carrying found tools and bricks to one pile or another, and picking up nails and screws.

It was amazing to realize that plastic melts into nothingness. There were a few hunks of solidified plastic goo, but so many buckets and other items were just gone without a trace.

Random, unidentifiable, melted metal objects.

Hubby's aluminum extension ladder is now a few hunks of shiny melted metal:

This piece is less than a foot long; there is a matching piece, both found where the ladder should have been, so I am sure they are all that's left of the ladder. I couldn't help it, I had to look it up: aluminum melts at 1,220°F.

I think these two buckles were from the horse blankets that were stored in a bin.

I had one very tough moment, but for the most part I was able to work alongside everyone else. Having people to talk to really helped. It kept my mind occupied.

I told my 4H girls that I now have a barn safety list and I will be inspecting their horse barns.

The relatively flat and straight metal siding will go to the home of one of the 4Hers to fix up their horse barn. Her mom says it needs some serious help, such as "new" metal on the roof to cover the holes. The bent and warped metal will hopefully be recycled as scrap, once our flatbed trailer is up and running again or we find someone who will haul the scrap away for us.

Thank you to all who helped; I am so grateful for your help.