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A Blanket of Love

I used to do quite a bit of quilting, although many of my projects were wall hangings. I made a simple patchwork quilt for our son years ago, and a few doll quilts, but small projects were the easiest for me to do since I quilt by hand. I was sure that the baby quilt I made for our granddaughter eight years ago would be my last.

But with the coming birth of our first grandson, I wanted to create something special. They live in another state and I wanted something that our sweet baby would see and touch every day.

So I dug out my tin of quilting items, bought new scissors and decided on a patchwork pattern. I found the perfect fabrics and cut them into squares.

Isn't this fabric with giraffes and lions perfect for a jungle-themed baby's room?

I procrastinated a bit but once I actually sat down and began sewing, I finished the patchwork in one afternoon, although my back hurt for the next three days.

Our granddaughter visits us each summer - she's the lucky one who has that last crib quilt I made - and she was thrilled to help me with this project. I let her baste the top, batting and backing together. Since it would be pulled out at the end, I let her do it all with just a little guidance.

When she returned home I began the hand-quilting, which took two months to finish. As always, I stitched a heart into one corner.

Below: A view of the hand-quilting, which I stitched on the diagonal, and the bias binding before I added it to the quilt.

I love the result. I took it with me when I visited them when their little boy was six weeks old. I hope he'll love it as he grows up.

Crib quilt - homestead crafts are both beautiful and relaxing to work on. "In the Jungle" crib quilt.    #cribquilt #quilt #handquilting

When you sleep under a quilt,
you sleep under a blanket of love.

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