Five More Foods to Make at Home

5 foods to make from scratch: sloppy joes, pizza crust, yogurt, pie crust, chili seasoning.

Are you trying to eat a healthier diet, save money, or both? If you read my earlier post about five foods you should make at home, you know that I encourage you to make as much as you can from scratch to save money and live a healthier life.

Processed foods contain artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors and way too much salt and sugar. I'm all for cutting those things out of my food. You can also save money by buying raw ingredients instead of prepared food. You'll even save time by not having to go to the grocery store as often, and if you've grown some or all of those ingredients, even better! Who doesn't love making a meal entirely from food you've grown or raised?

Here are five more food items that are easy to make at home with links to the recipes and directions. Pick one or two and give them a try, then let me know which is your favorite.

How to make sloppy joes from scratch.

1. Sloppy Joes - I admit that a can of sloppy joe sauce is convenient, and we used to buy a lot of those cans when we were first married. This from-scratch version has so much flavor and is so much better for you. And really, since you have to brown the ground beef even if you use the canned sauce, it doesn't take much longer to make. 

The recipe calls for chopped green peppers, so when my pepper plants are producing, I chop up a bunch and freeze them. I just pull a handful out of the freezer to throw in this recipe.

2. Pie crust - I bought pie crusts for many years because I hated cutting in the shortening. Now I know the secret!

How to make your own DIY chili seasoning mix.

3. Chili seasoning mix - Like the taco seasoning recipe in my first post, chili seasoning is expensive when you consider what's in it: a few teaspoons of various spices and herbs. Why not make your own? Line up several empty jars and fill them all so you'll have a supply of chili seasoning in your pantry.

Make your own yogurt.

4. Yogurt - We eat yogurt for breakfast, in smoothies, and as snacks. That's a lot of yogurt. This post explains how to make yogurt without a yogurt maker or dehydrator. Add chopped fruit, honey, nuts or other additions that make you and your family happy.

Make your own pizza crust.

5. Pizza crust - What's more convenient than calling up and ordering a pizza? Well, not much, but you have to wait for it to be delivered or drive to the pizza parlor to pick it up, and pizza isn't cheap anymore. They don't deliver out here in the boonies anyway. Instead, make your own pizza crusts and freeze them. I use my favorite Italian bread recipe and they are delicious, but you can use any pizza crust recipe you like.

You can leave processed food on the grocery store shelves and make it yourself. Share this post with someone who's looking for a good made-from-scratch recipe.

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  1. My kids love my homemade pizza crust. I have made my own taco seasoning, but never considered making chili seasoning. Thanks for the tips.

  2. All of these look amazing! I'm so curious to try making yogurt, but haven't done it yet. Thanks for sharing on the Waste Less Wednesday Blog Hop!

    1. Yogurt is really easy; I hope you'll give it a try!

  3. I love having more control over what we eat. I always enjoy finding new ways to buy less from the stores. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Anne. I agree, I love spending less at the grocery store AND making healthier food too.

  4. Homemade is so much better for you, more frugal and tastes so much better too! Sharing this post on our Hearth and Soul Facebook page, Kathi. Thank you so much for sharing this great homemaking resource with us!


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