101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks, a book review

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Your chickens will thank you for reading Lisa Steele's newest book 101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks!

Most of us who have chickens in our backyard or on our homestead love to spoil our "girls," even just a little bit.

It might be as simple an occasional handful of scratch feed or mealworms, or something special such as a split-open pumpkin to peck and eat. We appreciate the eggs they leave in the nest boxes for us and the entertainment they provide, and we like to give our chickens a little fun in return.

Lisa Steele, founder of the Fresh Eggs Daily® website, feels the same way. A fifth-generation chicken keeper, Lisa has many years of experience with chickens and strives to raise healthy, happy hens in the most natural way possible. She has learned efficient, creative and practical ways of caring for them without breaking the bank.

I received a free copy of this book for the purpose of this review.
Quite honestly I jumped at the opportunity. I only review 
items that I know you'll love and I knew this would be one of them!

101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks from Fresh Eggs Daily: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for You and Your Hens is Lisa's latest book from Voyageur Press, filled with - you guessed it - one hundred and one creative ideas for chicken lovers.

Lisa has gathered her best upcycling, repurposing and inspired hacks in one place, including chicken care, coop necessities and niceties, feed and treats, and more. She shows her readers how she's decorated her coop with everyday items and how she keeps her chickens healthy with homemade herbal salves and teas.

"Hacks are all about improvisation and creativity," Lisa writes. "They solve problems in ways that save money, save time, or simply change the way something has always been done." 101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks is filled with creativity, that's for sure.

My hens will thank me for reading Lisa Steele's "101 Chicken Keeping Hacks" and so will yours!
My young hens

You'll learn how to make no-sew curtains for coop windows and nesting areas - and why you should provide them. Find out why cleanliness is so important and how to clean your coop without toxic chemicals. 

Lisa shares tricks to keep your chickens cool and hydrated in summer while adding some fun to their day, and how to keep them warm in the winter without a heat lamp (we had a barn fire some years back - not caused by a heat lamp - but you can bet I'm not using anything electric in my chicken coop).

If your chickens must be confined to a coop and run at all times, Lisa has some creative ideas for what I'll call toys and furniture for entertainment and exercise. Because my hens aren't allowed to free range due to a heavy predator problem, this chapter is one I read with great interest and I'm planning to add some of these fun projects to their run right away.

Raising healthy chickens is what we all strive to do, and you'll find numerous tips and ideas on doing so naturally plus how to address health concerns if they do arise.

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101 Chicken-Keeping Hacks from Fresh Eggs Daily: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas for You and Your Hens is available on Amazon. I know you'll enjoy this book, and your chickens will thank you when you put these hacks into practice.

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