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The term "from scratch" encompasses many topics, and the bloggers participating in our Living From Scratch giveaway also cover a variety of subjects, from gardening, homemaking, raising small livestock, foraging and so much more.

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Annie - Road to Reliance - The Coconut Oil Handbook 

Shawna - Homegrown Self-Reliance - Forager's Collection 

Julie - The Farm Wife - The Simple Life ebook and more 

Dianne - Hidden Springs Homestead - Introduction to Home Canning for Beginners 

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Michelle - SoulyRested - Kombucha Made Simple 

Suzan - It's My Sustainable Life - Fall Garden Chores 

Leah Lynch - Leah Lynch Blog - Farmhouse Purpose Planner 

Julia - Dogwoods and Dandelions - The Backyard Gardener's Guide to Freezing Your Harvest 
Jennifer - The Everyday Farmhouse - A Beginner’s Guide to Homestead Living (3 volumes)

Jason - Seeds for Generations - Fall Gardening Guide 

Lesa - Better Hens and Gardens - Nigerian Dwarf Goats 101 ebook 

Mary - Life is Just Ducky - Homestead Project Planning Guide 

Janet - Timber Creek Farm - Create Natural Dyes for Wool

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But first, let's explore 15 ways to use goat milk (or cow milk). 

Got milk? 15 ways to use goat milk (or cow milk, even from the grocery store!)

Spring often bring an excess of fresh eggs and lots of milk. Hens resume laying their daily eggs and the goats have their kids and produce milk in abundance.

Sometimes I'm challenged to find ways to use it all and not let it go to waste. (Although homestead dogs don't ever think it's a waste when I give them milk and eggs!)

If you're a "seasonal cook," then over the winter when eggs and milk are scarce you probably don't make cheese or angel food cakes from scratch. 

But during the spring and summer when there are plenty of both milk and eggs, we can splash out on some luxury dishes. 

Here are a few dishes to make when there are plenty of eggs, and some ways to preserve eggs when you have a surplus.

Happy goats produce more milk. Learn 15 ways to use goat milk.

How much milk does a dairy goat produce?

A dairy goat can produce up to a gallon of milk or more per day, depending on her breed, how long ago she kidded, and whether you've weaned her kids or you're milking once a day. 

Multiply that by the number of goats you're milking and you can see why spring can be a bit overwhelming for a goat keeper. 

If you have an abundance of milk, here are a few ways to use it.

Goats napping in the sun

15 Ways to Use Goat Milk 

1. The obvious way to use goat milk is, of course, to drink it fresh. 

For the best-tasting milk, be careful what your does eat, keep the milk super-clean right from the udder, and chill it very quickly. 

We always drink the freshest milk, fresh out of the goat that morning. 

Are you wondering how goat milk tastes? You can find out in this post.

2. Stir goat milk into your coffee.

3. Use goat milk to make fruit smoothies.

4. Make yogurt, using a half gallon or a gallon of goat milk at a time. 

5. Make some kefir using goat milk.

6. Cook with goat milk. Mashed potatoes, baked goods, light and fluffy pancakes, and macaroni and cheese are some of our family's favorite dishes that use milk. 

7. Make farmers cheese. This simple cheese is perfect for beginners. Mixed with herbs, it makes a tasty dip for crackers, chips or vegetables.

8. Make mozzarella cheese. It's a little trickier, but it's also fun!

9. Make ricotta cheese. Ricotta is traditionally made from the whey that is a byproduct of cheesemaking, but you'll have a greater yield if you use whole milk instead of whey.

10. Make fudge.

11. Make cajeta (caramel sauce). You might have heard of dulce de leche, which is caramel sauce made from cow milk. Cajeta is the same caramel sauce made with goat milk.

12.  Make butter. Goat milk butter is white, by the way. Since goat milk is naturally homogenized, the cream doesn’t easily separate from the milk, so this can be a tedious task without a cream separator, but it is possible. Making butter isn’t my favorite way to use goat milk, but perhaps it will be yours.

13. Make ice cream - again, the cream doesn’t separate easily. Instead, you can make ice milk or use a combination of goat milk and cream from the grocery store.

We've made vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter, peach, and even peppermint chocolate chip flavored ice cream and ice milk.

To make ice milk, just follow a from-scratch recipe that uses milk rather than cream. To make ice cream, use a combination of goat milk and purchased cream. 

14. Give goat milk to your dogs, pigs and chickens. 

Our dogs love goat milk; I give them some every day during milking season. In years when we raised pigs for the freezer, goat milk was a part of their daily rations. 

15. Make some wonderfully luxurious goat milk soap and shampoo bars. In order to keep the milk sugar from burning in the soap making process, I use frozen milk when I make soap. So even if I'm not ready to make soap today, I freeze the milk to use in soap making later.

I'd love to send you my FREE ebooklet with five goat milk recipes - from dairy products to desserts, all made from scratch - as part of the Living From Scratch giveaway.

Whether or not you have goats, you'll enjoy these recipes that turn milk into delicious food and treats.

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