Thoughtful Gifts for Gardeners, from Fun to Practical

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Gardeners

Do you know someone who loves to garden? 

Chances are, you do. It's estimated that about 63 million people in the United States alone enjoy gardening, whether it's growing flowers, food or a beautifully landscaped yard. 

And about 20 million of those people are new gardeners who took up the hobby in the past two years.

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow." - Audrey Hepburn

No matter what your gardener enjoys growing, you can support their growing hobby with gifts chosen especially for them. 

Read on for gift ideas that are unusual and others that are practical. And never underestimate the value of a new garden tool to replace a worn-out item!

Gifts for Gardeners

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you follow a link and then place an order, I might receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Read my disclosure here.

But honestly, most of these items are things I use myself and absolutely love! Some were gifts, some are treats that I bought for myself, and some were sent to me for review. I haven't been disappointed!

This post contains affiliate links. Read my disclosure here.

Fun Things to Grow

This mushroom log will let your gardener (or cooking enthusiast) grow mushrooms at home. 

I love this book, I've always been a bit afraid of mushrooms but author Sarah Dalziel-Kirchhevel is helping me overcome my fears.

Garden Tools

Fork hoe - All I can say about my Chillington Fork Hoe from Easy Digging is wow. This thing is a work horse! Your gardening friend or family member needs one too!

This fork hoe is designed to dig in and cultivate the soil with an easy and quick motion that's gentler on your back. You don't need to use a lot of force to break up dirt clods, work your garden soil effortlessly, and aerate the soil for good plant health.

It even dislodges the roots of large weeds so they are easy to pull.

And compared to the rakes and shovels and pitchforks I've used all my life, the quality of this fork hoe is amazing. It's probably going to outlive me.

The fork hoe makes the hard work of gardening easier. It's my tool of choice for working in our clay soil, a heavy compost pile, and in my raised beds - perfect for "mature" gardeners or those who struggle with heavy work. 

You'll find more information at

Pruning Shears - Even the best shears and loppers and scissors will become dull over time, perhaps it's time to give your gardener a new pair?

I bought a pair of these Fiskars pruning shears three years ago and they are still my favorite "cutting tool" in the garden. They are definitely heavy duty enough to handle my rosebushes as well as the vegetable plants, and are easy on my "mature" hands. 

Rain gauge - I use a "redneck rain gauge" (ie, I look in the wheelbarrow or feed buckets and know that we had "a little" or "a whole lot" of rain), but real rain gauges come in a wide variety of sizes and features, are way more accurate than my redneck method, and many are less than $5. 

I recommend a plastic rain gauge rather than glass because, um, that's why I no longer have a real rain gauge.

Garden gloves wear out quickly, as well as getting dirty fast - because we're digging in the dirt, right? Why not gift a pair of new gardening gloves.

I have strict requirements for gardening gloves: durable and sticker-resistant. Fabric gloves attract all the awful stickers we have here in Oklahoma, and wisps of hay get stuck in woven fabrics. And I need heavy-duty gloves that protect my hands.

So I've given up on the cotton gloves that always disappointed me in the past and have been using a pair of these bamboo garden gloves. The medium size fits my hands perfectly. 

I've had this pair for several years and they've lasted very well in spite of how hard I require them to work.

Prickly stems of comfrey and sticker-y weeds are no problem with these gloves, and my fingernails haven't poked a hole in the end of the fingers either. I think your gardener will love them too. 

Garden Seeds

Honestly, any gardener would love a gift certificate for seeds! You decide the amount and they decide what seeds they'd like to receive. They can choose flowers, vegetables, herbs... a new variety of tomatoes... whatever they would like to grow next season in their own garden. 

I recommend Mary's Heirloom Seeds. Mary sells organic, heirloom seeds which are better for our gardens, for our bodies and even for our wallets. Read why in this guest post by Mary.

If you'd prefer to choose the seeds for your favorite gardener, Mary also offers several seed collections, such as a pizza garden pack, pollinator collection, herb garden, edible flowers and more.

A few years ago a dear friend sent me a birthday card made with seed-embedded paper. I planted the paper and had beautiful zinnias blooming all summer long, then I saved the seeds from those flowers and have planted them each year since. Wouldn't a seed-embedded card be a fun little gift?

You can find a variety of seed-embedded cards as well as card enclosures, bookmarks, tags and more on Etsy (click here) and on Amazon (click here).

"My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece." - Claude Monet

Calendars, planners and books

I do like a pretty calendar on the wall, but I like them more for decoration than for writing on. I prefer using a weekly planner to keep my everyday notes and appointments. 

A pretty planner will encourage your homesteader to keep the pages turning and stay on top of record-keeping. This beautiful 2022 weekly planner is filled with stunning photos taken at Floret Flower Farm in Washington State. 

If you prefer your planner to be garden-focused, check out The Family Garden Planner by Melissa K. Norris. A fifth-generation gardener, Melissa designed this all-in-one garden planner/weekly planner with helpful worksheets, expert advice and suggested weekly tasks to help your gardener have the best gardening year ever. 

The worksheets include finding your garden zone, identifying which crops you want to grow and how much you should plant. 

Made with the help of this planner, your personalized garden plan will help keep you on track all year and get the most out of your garden.

Melissa has also written a comprehensive gardening book on feeding your family from your garden. Although the book and planner are not a "set" they complement each other and work together as a wonderful resource. The Family Garden Plan book by Melissa K. Norris will help your gardener learn how to grow a more-productive garden all year round.

If calendars are more your thing - whether or not you write on them - this beautiful calendar that includes a collection of Claude Monet's paintings from the National Museum of Art will make your gift recipient's wall or office cubby a focal point.

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Garden fun

Solar fountain - Water attracts all sorts of beneficial songbirds and pollinators to a garden, and moving water is even better, adding the beauty of sight and sound to the loveliest places in nature.

Moving water attracts birds and hummingbirds, and the soft sound of tinkling water is calming and tranquil.

This fountain is powered by the sun and adds motion and water spray to any container of water without needing a nearby electrical outlet or extension cord. 

Place this solar fountain in a container of water such as a birdbath, decorative bowl or a small garden pond and watch as the sunshine powers the spray. There are four nozzles included so you can choose the height and spread of the spray pattern.

(I've put my birdbath away for the winter but wanted to show you how well the fountain works, so this bucket of water had to do for now. Next year, I plan to use it in a small garden pond.)

Can't think of the perfect gift for your simple-living or homesteading relative or friend? Here are 11 great suggestions.

Wind chimes are another gift that many gardeners - and even non-gardeners - will enjoy. The gentle sound is restful and soothing, turning a breeze into music. 

From large wind chimes that make a statement both visually and musically to smaller accent pieces, you'll find a large assortment online or at your local garden center. Aluminum alloy chimes make the purest sound, but capiz shells and bamboo chimes make their own kind of music too.

Frog houses and other garden decorations - Frogs and toads are so beneficial in the garden and frog houses are easy to make (see this how-to from Gardening Know How), or you can buy one from Etsy or Amazon. I happen to think they're cute, and so is this frog statue at Amazon that will secretly hold your extra house key.

Jigsaw puzzles - If your gardener lives in a cold climate, winter is pretty much spent indoors. What do you do during those long evenings?

Amazon has a large selection of puzzles and many are garden designs: seed packets, a hummingbird gardenhouseplants and this farmhouse garden

Gardening ebooks

Perhaps your gift recipient would be interested in my garden ebooks. Both are filled with helpful tips and inspiration, and are available in my Etsy shop.

Ebooks are easy to print out, add to a binder or a presentation folder, and offer as a tangible gift if you prefer. (This link is to a presentation folder at Amazon in case you aren't familiar with them. Amazon only sells them in a pack of 12 though. Sometimes you can find them at back-to-school sales too.)
The Down-to-Earth Guide to Composting for People Without a Science Degree will help any gardener begin and maintain a successful compost pile to amend and enrich their garden soil, whether you have clay or sandy soil or something in between. 

A gardener who can make their own rich garden amendments at home? Priceless!

How to Grow Vegetables and Herbs in a Shady Garden will help any gardener with a shady yard or just a shady corner. Includes lists of shade-tolerant vegetables and herbs as well as how to identify the best location for a garden, growing in containers, and boosting the sunlight in shady areas.

There's renewed interest in growing food at home these days. A backyard shaded by beautiful mature trees doesn't have to "stunt your growth."

Growing Lemon Balm will teach you how to grow this fragrant herb for culinary and medicinal use or as a happy houseplant. Planting from seed, the best location for your plant, propagation, and uses are covered. Recipes are included too.

Whatever your favorite gardener enjoys, I hope you've been inspired by this list of practical, functional and beautiful ideas.

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Great gift ideas for gardeners


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