Everything You Want to Know about Goats

Are you wanting goats? Here's how to get started: why they're so good for a homestead, the basic items you need, how to care for them, how to make cheese and soap and so much more. Plus some free printable forms to help you keep track of it all.

While chickens are often considered "gateway livestock," goats seem to validate our dreams of living a healthy, more sustainable life. Goats provide milk, meat, manure for the garden, brush clearing services... it's no wonder they are popular homestead animals.

Goats come with a learning curve though, and sometimes it can be steep. I've gathered all of my goat resources here in one place to hopefully straighten out the learning curve a bit for you.

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How I started with goats

Two years before we moved to Oak Hill, we added two young female goats to our one-acre suburban lot. I didn't have to think twice about which breed I wanted, those long Nubian ears won me over right away.

A year later I bought Chloe, an Alpine doe. This time I was searching for a female goat in milk rather than a certain breed. I had never milked a goat before, and I decided I'd better learn how on a goat who knew the drill instead of a goat who had just had her first baby and had never been on a milkstand before.

I'm so thankful I did that; it really helped me to be successful with my daity goats.

We moved - with our three doe goats - to Oklahoma in 2004. I built up my dairy herd to sixteen by keeping the most promising female kids.

I wanted to raise my dairy goats as naturally as possible. I didn't want to pump them full of chemicals and regular deworming drugs - I don't want those chemicals and antibiotics in the goat milk that my family would drink.

There wasn't much information about raising dairy goats naturally, so I learned a lot by trial and error and from other like-minded goat-raising homesteaders. I'm hoping to pass on to you as much of this natural goat raising knowledge as I can.

After I lost my herd in a barn fire in 2012, sweet friends gave me baby goats from their own herds - 3 female goat kids and a buck (male kid) - so I could start over. Those friends blessed me in so many ways, and I hope that I can pay it forward to you through my writing.

What does goat milk taste like? How should I store it? Here are resources on making cheese, tips on milking without being run over, training your goat to behave on the milkstand and more.

Small herd recordkeeping - free printables

Even if you only have two goats, you need to keep track of the last time they were dewormed and vaccinated, had their hooves trimmed, and when they were bred.

Multiply all that by the number of goats in your herd and oh my, there's a lot to keep track of.

My set of goat printable forms will help you keep up with all the information about your small herd (or your bigger herd). And the forms are free!

Scroll down to find the link to the free printable goat record-keeping forms.

Goat Due Date Calculator

You'll find the goat due date calculator (goat gestation calculator) here. Scroll down that post to find the calculator.


The articles below will help you keep happy, healthy goats, but if you have a question that isn't answered here, I hope you'll email me. I read every email, although sometimes it takes a day or two for me to get back to you.

The Benefits of Raising Goats on Your Homestead

How to Get Started with Goats

Goats have some quirky habits. This guide will help you know whether your goat's behavior is normal or if it needs medical attention.

More than 25 articles on goat care, fencing, goat kids, disbudding, kidding and more - so you can be a better goat keeper.


Caring for Goat Kids

Become a better goat keeper with Oak Hill Homestead's goat resources, over 25 articles on goat care, milking, caring for kids, goat health and more.

Milking Your Goat

How to Store and Use Goat Milk

If you want to be a better goat keeper, you need the information in these articles. Learn about goat care, the benefits of keeping goats, caring for goat kids, fencing, horns and more, including free printables to help you care for your goats.

Goat Health

This collection of more than 25 articles about goat care will help you become a better goat keeper.

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If you have a question or a problem that isn't addressed here, feel free to contact me. Please include your email address so I can contact you directly.

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Goat Records Pack

If you'd like even more record-keeping forms for your goats, you'll find the perfect companion for your free printables in my Goat Records pack, which includes 23 forms and reference sheets to print out PLUS a 12-month undated monthly calendar to keep track of all-the-goat-things and directions for using each form.

The Goat Records pack is an instant download, and you may print as many copies as you need for your own personal use. To see what's included click here.


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This collection of more than 25 articles about goat care will help you become a better goat keeper.