An Afternoon in the Goat Pen

Yesterday the temperature soared to 77°. Oklahoma's weather still amazes me. A stiff wind was blowing all day, sending leaves skipping across the barnyard to be chased by the cat.


The goat kids love warm days when I move them to the big pen. At first they move like a school of fish, milling around and around while the does eat hay and snack on leaves. Eventually the kids settle down to having fun: jumping, twisting, skipping and bouncing.

And finally they slow down enough that I can get a few sharp photos instead of just streaks and blurry shapes.

The pen has several railroad ties that the kids enjoying jumping on and off and over.

Felicity with her twins, Deliverance (left) and Delightful (middle)

Deliverance is going to make a gorgeous herd sire for someone. Just look at the neck and chest on him already, at just over three weeks old.



You can see one of the rings on Devlin's head from being disbudded. The two smallest does, Daisy and Dragonfly, will go this week to have theirs done. In a few weeks, the scab will fall off and the hair will grow back.

I noticed today that three of them have lost their umbilical cords. The kids are eagerly joining their moms at the feed bowls now, and are nibbling hay and drinking water. They look so comical with a long piece of hay sticking out of their mouths.

It's supposed to be sunny and mild the rest of the week. Wasn't it just a week ago that it was 7° in the morning? I am welcoming the warm weather; I have plenty of outside work to keep me busy as long as it stays warm, and the kids will love having all that room to play.

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